Student going beyond the typical high school schedule


Maddie Dufault, Reporter

Junior Avery Profancik has strayed from the normal schedule of a high school student. She manages to run a small franchise that teaches young kids how to sing and dance, in addition to her regular activities and responsibilities. Profancik first became involved in the company, Singers Company, at a young age.

“All growing up, I was in the class that the founder taught,” Profancik said. “Then as a teenager I was an assistant for a lady who had a franchise in Laguna Niguel.”

When the owner of the franchise could no longer manage the business, she offered Profancik the job. Although she knew it may be overwhelming, she was excited to take the role.

“Right before sophomore year, the girl who owned a franchise here was heading out to college and offered me her franchise,” Profancik said. “So I bought it and here I am now a year later and loving every second!”

The classes tend to fill up quickly and have a wide range of ages of kids that take part in class. Profancik has adjusted her teaching style so it works for all the ages in the class.

“Every semester I end up having about 30 girls, the ages of PreK to 5th grade, doing it,” Profancik said.

All of her students are in the same class that she runs out of her home. She tried to make the space in her home a welcoming environment for the kids so that they feel comfortable to be themselves.

“The classes are held in my garage,” Profancik said. “We have converted our garage into a studio and it is covered with the company’s colors – black, white and pink, and the logos. I wanted to create a fun and cute space for the girls to come each week.”

For a teenager running her own classes, there are times where her schedule can be extremely hard to manage. To help make the schedule more doable, Profancik’s mom assists her how she can.

“My mom helps me with all the behind the scenes work, she is like my secretary and I could not do it without her,” Profancik said. “For the classes however, I teach all the girls the songs and dances.”

In the end of each class, the performers show to the community all that they have learned. Both Profancik and the kids are always excited share.

“There are three performances at the end of each semester,” Profancik said.

Friends and family are welcomed to go to the performances that Profancik and her students put on. The audience gets to see for themselves how the girls have grown by being in the program.

“The dances are always so cute!”Junior Hailey Rutter said. “The girls look like they are having so much fun and do not seem to be nervous at all while performing in front of an audience.”

As the kid’s teacher, Profancik has seen and helped all of them evolve as the classes progress. She enjoys the chance she has to inspire young girls to embrace their true personalities and gain confidence.

“My favorite part is probably seeing the girls personalities come alive every week,” Profancik said. “Some girls come to Singers Company the first week, so shy that they won’t even walk into the class but by the end they are the most energetic and outgoing girls in the class.”

Profancik is so happy that she can continue on the Singers Company classes that she once took part in as a young girl. She hopes that all of her students learn the lessons she did and are able to one day teach them to others.

“Singers Company is a program built to help young girls grow their confidence in themself and have a fun and safe workplace to do so,” Profancik said. “That is very important to me and I see the impact of it so much every week.”

Profancik always looks forward to the time she spends with the kids. Not just teaching them how to sing and dance, Profancik is happy to be able to have an effect on the kids’ lives.

“I also absolutely love seeing them every week, there are many Wednesday’s when I’m so stressed, tired, or worn out but as soon as they walk into my garage their energy overwhelms me with love and happiness and Wednesday’s end up being the highlight of my week,” Profancik said. “I love creating these friendships with these young girls and being involved in their adorable lives.”