“Pop” in to the choir show

Megan Chua (12) sings during Sound Express’ final act.

Ellie Meck, Staff Writer

Carlsbad High School’s successful Choral Department presents different shows throughout the year. As the school year comes to an end, the annual Pops Show is just beginning.

“The Pops Show is our last show of the year and we have been preparing since August,” senior Erica Schwartz said. “We will be performing our award winning sets, and will have special appearances from the choir at Calavera.”

This show is very special for all choirs because not only is it the last show of the year, but the last show for many of the performers. The many seniors in every choir who have been singing these past four years are cherishing every moment they have left.

“It’s definitely weird knowing there is only one show left,” senior Megan Chua said. “This show is going to be so special for all of us and it still doesn’t feel like the end.”

The Pops Show is going to have a variety of performances. You will expect to see Encore and Sound Express’ competition sets, Lancer Choir and Chamber Singers. They will also be singing a variety of different songs from different eras and, of course, a very special song dedicated to the seniors at the end.

“The show will definitely be exciting and surprising,” freshman Davin Eagleston said. “We have been working so hard for this show and can’t wait to show it off.”

The show is $15 at the door, but only $7 for students. The proceeds help the Choral Department save money for competitions, props and other events throughout the year.

Come out and support your choral department this Thursday June 2, Friday June 3 and Saturday June 4 at 7 p.m. in the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center.

“There is something special about the show this year than previous years,” Chua said. “I’m sad it’s over, but I excited to end it the best way possible, with my second family on stage.”