Nooses Off to this year’s fall play


Hanna Dupre

Cast members rehearse for this years fall play. They are performing Nooses Off which is inspired by the 1992 play Noises Off by Michael Frayn.

Megan Overbey, Writer

Each year, the drama department puts on two main stage performances: a play and a musical. This fall, the play Nooses Off by Don Zolidis premiers for the first time on the west coast.

While Nooses Off is inspired by the 1992 play Noises Off  by Michael Frayn, Carlsbad’s production puts a modern twist on the original piece.

Nooses Off is a play within a play and the people that are performing the play deal with the different personalities and ‘showmances’, making it all very complex,” senior Ali Pateros said. “I play Brenda who is one of the actors in the play, but within the play there are the parts of the director, the stage manager, the props manager and the playwright.”

To achieve the final cast of 15, the actors went through an extensive audition process that was open to any student who wanted to try out.

“To audition, you have to have an audition partner, but you don’t know what the scene is going to be,” Pateros said. “We got the script at lunch for the audition after school that same day, purposely being unrehearsed in order to provide a cold reading. From there, callbacks came out that night, leading up to a group audition where we get the script and interpret the characters as we see them and read for different parts.”

Due to the complicated story line, this year’s play brings a new take on how the show will be staged. This provides the tech crew with a new challenge.

“Our set is two stories and it revolves for the second act so the audience can see on stage and off stage,” senior Maddy Doze said. “Techs will have to be on stage helping with costume changes and transitions.”

In order to put on such an elaborate performance, the cast has much to prepare for.

“We started rehearsals mid-September and we meet everyday after school and go until 5 o’clock,” Pateros said. “Getting closer to opening night, we have run-throughs and dress rehearsals that are 6 p.m.-9 p.m..”

Nooses Off opens Nov. 12 and runs until Nov. 14, with performances every night at 7 p.m..

“It’s going to be a really fun show, both for us and the audience,” Pateros said. “It’s really funny and audience interactive, so make sure you come out see it.”