Kenneth Washington transforms into local musician


Kenneth Washington is a local artist and Carlsbad High school alum. He discovered his love for making music and rapping during high school.

Georgiana Gilbert , Writer

Kenneth Washington is a local artist who was a former Carlsbad High School student. He found his love for making music and rapping during his high school years and has now come a long way in this career.

“I started making music and rapping in 2012, about a month after I graduated but I have been doing music since I was about 8 or 9 and I played the trumpet for 3 years,” Washington said. “My biggest inspirations at the time included Kurt Cobain and Biggy Smalls.”

His music career all started by just having a good time with friends and soon transformed into his dream job. Washington has one album out “Hallow Earth” and is currently working on “930 Knowles”, all while continuing to make musical connections in the San Diego community and further.

“I knew this is something I wanted to do when I started free-styling with my friends,” Washington said. “We would all get together and have such a good time and I knew that I was good at it and it was something I really liked to do, so if I kept on going I could be really successful.”

Washington is striving toward making his love for music a career. This is not an easy thing to do and he is a great inspiration to all of his friends and this community due to his hard work and dedication.

“My favorite part about making music is the recording aspect, especially for me because I do the vocals a lot, so its funny for me to hear my voice after I do a bunch of recordings cause I get to change the pitch and stuff. In all hearing the final product is the best part though,” Washington said.

Though this is a great passion of his, he explains that his work is very tedious work and takes a long time to perfect. Even though there are parts that can never be perfect for everybody, this is a challenge he enjoys to an extent.

“The most difficult part is releasing music, in regards to what sounds good and what doesn’t sound good. So, to you it could sound produced pretty well but to someone else it might not sound good, because everybody has preferences and things sound differently to their ears, so its all about balancing the sounds,” Washington said.