Michael Ricci strives for an excellent future


Danny Tajimaroa

Senior Michael Ricci walks down the court as a prince during the 2014 homecoming. Ricci is not only involved in ASB, but also football and chstv.

Maggie Sweeney, editor in chief

With the start of the second half of the school year, seniors do their best to make it a memorable last semester. Senior Michael Ricci has been ensuring a memorable high school experience since freshman year.

Ricci played football for all four years, which has helped shaped his high school career into something unforgettable.

“My best football memory was definitely beating LCC this year,” Ricci said. “It was really fun to finally win the rotary cup, especially senior year.”

Along with football, Michael participated in the Carlsbad High Speech and Debate team and has been involved in ASB for two years spreading school spirit throughout Carlsbad.

“Speech and debate helped me a lot with public speaking especially when going to the school board,” Michael said. “ASB is always fun because you get the school excited for all of the upcoming events and just spreading school spirit. We work hard to make sure our school is great.”

With Ricci’s dedication to his school and motivation, new opportunities open up for his future. Recently, he was chosen by Carlsbad High School to receive the Harvard Prize Book award.

“It was a real honor to be chosen by Carlsbad. They picked one student and then there were about 20 for San Diego county,” Ricci said. “I’m also really hoping Harvard noticed me because I’d like to end up at one of the Ivy League schools for college.”

After high school, Ricci has set up goals for himself regarding college and beyond.

“I’m applying as an International Affairs and Economics major. I’m really interested in how the world works,” Ricci said. “If I’m traveling anywhere, I’ll be happy because I love going to new places. I would like to visit as many countries as I can before I die.”

While accomplishing many of his goals, Michael has also been a big influence on his younger siblings.

“He’s the oldest, so he’s set the path for our future,” sophomore Matthew Ricci said. “He’s always there to help and he knows what he’s doing because he’s experienced it all before.”

Michael has also led his siblings by sharing similar interests and setting up the foundation for some of their activities.

“We both play football and do broadcasting so it’s just fun to have that together before he goes on to college,” Matthew said. “I see great things for his future and I’m really proud of him.”

Preparing for such high goals has been no challenge for Michael as he has kept his goals in mind since the beginning of high school.

“I’m in Royal Lancers and I knew that to accomplish my goals, I needed a high GPA for the schools that I wanted to attend,” Michael said. “I have been preparing for four years because I knew it was important.”

Though he plans to go out into the world after high school, Michael will never forget his memorable high school years.

“High school has been so much fun,” Michael said. “I think what I will miss most about Carlsbad is all the amazing people.”