Sierra Gonzalez takes Hairspray to new heights


Senior Sierra Gonzalez stars in Hairspray for the Carlsbad Village Theatre. Gonzalez also performs in Carlsbad High School choir.

Madison Medina, editor in chief

With classes, sports and other extracurricular activities, adding after school events often seems impossible to the life of a high school student. For Senior Sierra Gonzalez, multitasking has become a second nature as she handles school, choir and now adds an out-of school musical to her list.

“The play is through Carlsbad community theater and it was from Nov. 14-16.” Senior Sierra Gonzalez said.” “It was called Hairspray Junior and its really similar to what is in the movie. There are some scenes that are not in the movie, but are in the actual Broadway play, which makes it really versatile.”

Already experienced with singing, Gonzalez played the part with full support behind her, including one of the most important people involved with the show: the director.

“Sierra’s performance was incredible and she would stop the show every night.” Director Eric Hellmer said.”She had an amazing way of connecting to whatever she sings in a very real and mature way. For someone her age to be able to sing with that kind of emotional connection to material is astounding.”

Along with being part of this musical, Gonzalez has her obligation to CHS choir, which makes for long days filled with singing and dancing. Being one of the oldest performers in the play, Gonzalez believes this makes the show a lot easier not only to the director, but for herself as well.

“We had rehearsals every single day.” Gonzalez said. “We ran choreography  a lot, and that was our main focus. I also take night classes for credits as well as choir practice for school, so after a while it can get exhausting.There were a lot of younger kids in this play, and being older in the cast, we have a lot of responsibility and the younger kids look up to us. It is also really nice because the director does not have to worry about us very much.”

As a member of choir, Gonzalez already has the ability to show off her talents and she believes this gave her the opportunity to gain a role in the show because it helped her continue her love of singing.

“The producer e-mailed me and asked if I would audition,” Gonzalez said. “I think he found out about me because when the auditions came out a lot of moms from choir recommended me, which made me feel super flattered.”

Gonzalez earned the role of Gonzalez Motormouth Maybelle and she can now add a new musical to her list of achievements.

“I think that Sierra needs to stick with it if she loves it,” Hellmer said. “She has real raw talent that you don’t see everyday. Plus, you can tell from watching her that she absolutely loves it. She has the makings of something great and could easily achieve it if she desired.”