‘Safe Haven’ hits the big screen


Jenna Tarantino, staff writer

The much anticipated novel based movie by Nicholas Sparks was released this Valentine’s Day. Girls dragged their boyfriends, tissues in hand, to the theater to sob their eyes out at the chick flick.

Led by a superb cast, “Safe Haven” will make you laugh one minute then move you to tears the next. The movie follows main character Katie across the country as she escapes her abusive husband and finds comfort in a small town in North Carolina.

Katie, played by Julianne Hough, meets and falls in love with a man named Alex, played by Josh Duhamel. Not only is Alex charming, but he is a single dad raising two great kids, one of whom becomes good friends with Katie. Trouble arises as Katie’s husband, a cop, attempts to track her down.

Although many scenes were different when translated to the big screen, lovers of the book are happy with the film adaptation. A few scenes were added, cut, or changed to help “Safe Haven” transition from a detailed book to a movie.

“Safe Haven” is not your stereotypical cheesy romance movie. Through moments of terror, the viewer experiences the hardships of being in an abusive relationship. It not only encourages people in similar situations to take action, but provides a sense of reassurance that they can find happiness away from the abuse.

Hough, having experienced physical and mental abuse at an early age, relates to her character in many ways. Having a powerful woman such as herself speak out on her own story surely will inspire others to do the same and find help with their situation.

Still in theaters, “Safe Haven” continues to be a big hit at the box office. A great movie for a person of any age, “Safe Haven” will keep your attention. I suggest heading to a theater to see for yourself.