Local holiday concert Wrex the Halls pleases crowd


Juliet Luty

The Killers close the show at 91X’s Wrex the Halls.

Juliet Luty, assistant editor

Every year, local alternative radio station 91X holds a winter concert appropriately called Wrex the Halls. This year, the show included a slew of popular indie bands, including one up and coming local band

On Dec. 7, the sold out Viejas Arena filled with crowds of music lovers of all ages and all different musical tastes.

“There were a lot of different people there,” senior Christian Leone said. “There were people in their thirties and also a lot of younger people. It was mixed.”

Regardless of their age, everyone came to see bands such as the Killers, Imagine Dragons, Youngblood Hawke and Teagan and Sara. Each band took the stage for a short set and all together created an eclectic show.

Perhaps the most memorable performance was that of French synth pop band M83.

“M83 played the hardest, had the best light show and just had more energy,” Leone said. “They had a sax player that just killed it.”

Additionally, the second to last band Passion Pit, who’s new single ‘Take a Walk’ has reinvented their sound, stole the show from headliners the Killers.

“Passion Pit was better than the Killers for me,” Leone said. ‘They put on a really good show and gave their old songs new touches that made them super rad.”

However, the headliners still gave a memorable performance and proved that they are just as talented in concert.

”The Killers are epic performers and sounded really good live,” Leone said.

Overall, Wrex the Halls was once again a successful event for 91X and the alternative music enthusiasts of San Diego.