Nickerl twins help each other develop artistically


Adam Nickerl presents “A Stairway to Heaven” as one of his finished pieces.

Josh Lee, Staff Writer

The artistically inclined come in all shapes and sizes.  Juniors Adam and Jared Nickerl are not only very gifted artistically but they are also identical twins.

Their interest in art was very apparent from a young age.  While most kids threw peas and smashed carrots in their high chairs, Adam and Jared preferred to make art out of their undesired vegetables.

“Jared and I drew since we were little kids” Adam said.

While the two continued to draw for fun, it wasn’t until they entered high school that they began to embrace their passion in earnest.  Challenging themselves by opening themselves up to new mediums allowed them to matriculate towards their specific interests.

“At my last high school I took three art classes” Adam said.  “One was AP drawing.”

And, as they soon discovered, they weren’t identical in nearly every way.  While Adam’s focus tends to be mostly graphite where he enjoys drawing still life and portraits, Jared is drawn more towards graphic art and anatomy.

However, the twins are able to be challenged in a non-academic setting as well.  While they are the only two in their family who have a passion for art, they are still able to bounce ideas off each other and mature as artists.

“We end up competing a lot in our artistic pursuits” Adam said.  “But, we just end up getting better because of it.”

Both Adam and Jared do find immense amounts of support from their family.  While they may not enjoy art in the same manner that Adam and Jared do, the twins can always count on their family giving them feedback on their latest masterpieces.

For the time being though this passion remains a hobby.  But despite this art will always be a constant factor in their lives a constant outlet which they will always be able to fall back  on to express themselves.