How to nail a job interview

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

After endless days filling out numerous job applications, one company finally calls and wants to schedule a job interview. A million things rush through your mind like what to wear and what to say. Do not worry, read this article on how to walk out of an interview feeling successful and proud.

1. Dress to impress

Dressing nicely shows employers your passion about getting the job. Girls should wear a nice shirt and a black skirt. They should wear heels, flats, or boots with the outfit. Boys should wear dress shirts, a necktie, ironed pair of jeans, and a clean pair of shoes. Avoid bright colors such as blue, orange or green.

“It is very important for applicants to dress nicely,” manager at Carlsbad by the Sea Velma Saunders said. “It shows me you care about the job.”

2. Make eye contact

Respect the interviewer by using eye contact constantly throughout the interview. Showing eye contact lets the interviewer see confidence and maturity.

“Making eye contact shows that you are respectful and mature,” senior Hayden Webb said. “ No one will want to hire you if you cannot even look someone straight in the eye.”

3. Show your brains

Go above and beyond and research information on the company to impress the manager. Make a few flash cards to memorize the information.

“Knowing information makes you stand out and make managers remember you,” Webb said. “You also have to know what type of job you are getting yourself into.”

4. Practice, prepare and perfect

Go to jobsearch at to find typical questions that employers ask. Prepare a thorough answer to a few of the questions. Practice in front of the mirror a few times. Remember not to stutter in the interview and sit up straight.

“It is always important to practice for an interview even if it is just for a few minutes,” senior Emanuel Reyes said. “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

5. Act Confident

Do not act shy because this tells managers that you will not successfully communicate with customers. Treat the interviewer like another person and remember to be yourself. Have a good attitude and show an interest in the job.

“If someone is confident that shows maturity which is extremely important,” junior Matthew Kaiser said. “People do not like to hire minors because they are immature. ”

Do not stress about an interview and follow all of these steps to have a job in no time. Good luck!

“If you believe in yourself and listen to your heart you will get the job,” senior Kenrald Chua said.