Choral department shines at Night with the Stars

Ashley Perez, Assistant Editor

Family and friends of the CHS choral members gathered at the CAC March 4 and 5 to see the annual Night with the Stars performance. This event showcased CHS Chamber Singers, Sound Express, Encore, Lancer Choir, Valley Showstoppers and various other individuals singing solo and group acts.

The show started with an opening spoof of the Oscars which was carried throughout the show. Members of the choir were able to show off their acting abilities in this humorous skit which drew laughter from the crowd.

As the show went on, students from all choirs performed solo and group numbers. Chambers Singer David Edwards performed an entertaining rendition of “I’m a Believer,” encouraging the audience to clap and sing with him.

Chamber Singers Caitlin Cairns and Gage Chu appeared together on stage with a guitar and kazoo to perform “Home.” While it proved slightly tough for the girls to play and sing, they put on a pleasing performance that did the song justice.

Other notable acts included Sound Express singer Juliette Wardle’s sunny performance of “Put Your Records On” which seemed to fit her nicely. Also, “Island in the Sun/Stuck on You” featured Isaiah Saole and Fia Leau, giving them the opportunity to show off their skills on the ukulele.

These acts were slightly disturbed by the microphone problems that occurred throughout the night. However, the singers remained unaffected by this minor problem and used their strong voices to overcome the issue.

“We always have to deal with issues like mic problems,” Junior Colin Jackson said. “But like they say, the show must go on so we ignore it and do our best.”

After intermission, Valley Middle School Showstoppers got the chance to participate in Night with the Stars by performing “Sir Duke.” Their performance was only available on Friday night. Saturday night, they were replaced by Encore who performed the competition set they had been working on for months.

A touching version of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” was sung and played on guitar by Chamber Singer Michael Chow. His hard work and preparation for his solo act really show

Overall, all solo and group acts performed by the choral department showed off their incredible talent. If any of the singers felt doubtful about their performances, it certainly didn’t show.

“I think we all get a little nervous while performing our solo group acts,” Jackson said. “But its also very exciting to sing something you’ve been practicing so hard for and finally getting to hear the applause from the audience. It makes it all worth it.”

As the show neared its end, Chamber Singers performed three, more traditional songs for a choir performance. These songs, especially, showcased the singers vocal ability.

“I’m so impressed with the performance by Chambers,” audience member and former CHS student/Chamber singer Dylan Hanks said. “I know how hard these guys have been working and it really shows.”

Cami Miller then sang “When the Lights Go Down” as a solo act. To every one’s disappointment, her microphone did not work during the entire song but Cami was seemingly unfazed by this. Her memorable performance was met by one of the loudest applause of the night.

Members of Sound Express closed the show by performing their entire competition set which they have been working on since August. The performance had a Romeo and Juliet theme and involved various characters, costume changes and dance routines.

“We’ve been working on this [competition set] all year,” Senior Sound Express singer Kaitlyn Jenkins said. “We are constantly improving our performance and it’s something we’re really proud of.”

Overall, Night with the Stars was a success. All members of choir were able to show off their amazing skills and hard work.

If you missed Night with the Stars and are eager to see the choral department in action, you can catch their annual Pops Concert taking place on May 26, 27, and 28.