Eight steps to achieve full happiness

Nick La Bounty, Assistant Editor

Balancing school, work and extra curricular activities can be tough. The stress can be overwhelming and cause you to become a Negative Nancy. However there is no reason to live an unhappy lifes, just follow these tips and you will be eternally joyous!

1. Smile
It takes forty six muscles to frown, but only twenty three to smile. Scientists have proven smiling instantly elevates your mood, even if you are feeling down in the dumps. Do not forget, smiling is contagious!

“I smile because people tend to reflect others’ emotions, so if I smile more people will smile and this makes me feel happy and warm inside,” Junior Shannon Caulfield said.

2. Exercise
The release of endorphins biologically heightens your attitude. Join a sports team with friends; it will help build a solid foundation in teamwork as well.

3. Have a hobby
Pick one you enjoy and are good at. Do things that are important to you and make you happy. Setting and achieving goals is always uplifting.

4. Don’t hold grudges
Everyone makes mistakes, and forgiving others is a key part to happiness. Moving on helps release negative energy which is spiritually beneficial.

5. Eat ‘comfort’ foods (in moderation)
Desserts and sweets can be the perfect pick me up, but make sure to eat nutritional meals as well.

“I eat comfort foods when I’m sad because it gives me something to do and I don’t think about things that are getting me down,” Junior Emilee Emamjomeh said.

6. Compliment people to make them feel better about themselves
Seeing and making others happy with make you feel great about yourself. Try to compliment others as much as possible. You may even get a few in return.

“I love it when I go up to someone I don’t know and give them a compliment. I enjoy seeing their face light up and knowing that just by doing that I’ve made a new friend,” Sophomore Dane Brody said.

7. Laugh
Laughing can add up to seven years to your life. As they say, laughter truly is the best medicine. It is also a great exercise for your abdominal muscles, so you kill two birds with one stone.

“Laughing is an effective cathartic release of emotions,” Senior Marlee Friedrichsen said.

8. Make Friends
Surround yourself with people with similar interests who will make you happy. Join clubs or sports teams to help make new friends.

“Making friends is important because you need people to count on when others let you down,” Junior Tori Kullmann said.