Marching band combines mental and physical strength

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

Playing an instrument while marching in line with classmates seems simple, but anyone who participates in marching band knows it take a great deal of commitment and athletic ability. CHS’s Marching Band spends three hours every Tuesday and Thursday rehearsing for football games and tournaments.

“We do as much running as other sports. If we are not focused we have to run laps around the field,” Junior Caitlin Umpreyville said. “It takes just as much concentration as another sport. Think about playing, marching, and be in the shape. People think its easy but its not.”

Band involves major commitment and practices are always filled with many important routines to accomplish. At a typical marching band practice members do push ups, sit ups and run. Like any other sport, if band members do not stretch properly they will pull a muscle and get cramps. Then, when everyone gets warmed up, band members practice marching and work on visual performances.
“I always feel like I have accomplished a great workout after band practcie,” Senior Chelsea Staley said.
Not only does band require physical strength it also requires thinking. The combination of physical and mental strength comes across very challenging which exhausts band members.
“Marching band takes a lot of physical and mental strength. You must have the capability to multitask and be good at it,” Junior Camille Sanzi said. ” I have played sports growing up and often marching band exhausts me more due to the mental and physical demands of marching.”
Marching and carrying a giant instrument at long competitions all day long is a huge challenge. Each competition starts at ten o’clock in the morning and ends at ten o’clock at night. In order to do well, band members must stay in shape and do additional workouts to help their overall performance.
“It is important to go to the gym because you have to use your breath efficiently,” Staley said. “Sometimes I do yoga at 24 hour fitness because it helps me with my breathing.”
Overall, marching band is a fun and enjoyable sport that takes loads of commitment. In the end, all of the hard work pays off in the competitions.
“I love band because I get to participate in one of my favorite things, music, with my friends,” Sanzi said. “ I get excited when competing because we get to show off all of our hard work.