Cons of Senior Year

Collin Riccitelli and Jake McMahon

  1. College Stress: You always hear seniors complaining about stress with the college application process, but you won’t truly understand the pain until you’re in the thick of it.  The application process forces you to reflect on anything and everything that you think makes you qualified. At the same time, filling out these applications will make you agonize over that B- sophomore year, and regret not joining Spanish Club. All of your scholastic effort has culminated to this moment, and after filling out the application, all you can do is hit that dreaded submit button and see if it will pay off.
  2. Expenses: In the immortal words of the Wu Tang Clan, “Cash rules everything around me.” This is the motto you will learn to embrace as your senior year progresses; nothing sparks your monetary awareness like paying $85 for a purple bed sheet and cardboard hat.
  3. Senioritis: The dreaded condition that plagues seniors across the nation will hit you approximately two minutes into your first class of senior year. From there it only gets worse, and by late second semester you’ll be struggling to make it to two days of school a week. You won’t realize you have senioritis until you check School Loop.
  4. Goodbyes: Unfortunately, with the end of high school comes the end of many friendships. Graduation will be the last time you see many of your classmates and teachers who were such integral parts of your experience at Carlsbad High School. That being said, we at The Lancer Link recommend you cherish the final moments you have with these individuals. 
  5. The Beginning of the End: Your last Homecoming game, your last school dance, your last story for The Lancer Link (Ayyooo). While new experiences are soon to come, reflecting on the events that shaped you as a person is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

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