Featured Athlete: Vince Barone


Jessica Streich

An exhausted Vince Barone answers questions after last Friday’s Homecoming crush against Westview. Lancers came out with the win and a final score of 54-7.

Senior Vince Barone balances school, ASB, and the sport the sport he loves.  Although Barone has been surrounded by the sport for most of his life, he only began his football career freshman year.  His passion for the sport has grown and he takes on his senior season as a captain.

Lancer Link: What inspired you to start playing football?

Vince Barone: “My father was a football coach and I was always surrounded by it and loved watching the game.”

LL: What is the time commitment like?

VB: “It is pretty much a year-round commitment, with off season-lifting, if you want to play football you really have to be committed and love the game.”

LL: What are your responsibilities as a captain?

VB: “As a captain my main responsibility is to inspire my teammates, I try to lead vocally, but more importantly by example.”

LL: What is your favorite aspect of the game?

VB: “I love the unity and brotherhood that I have with my teammates.”

LL: What advice do you have for younger players?

VB: “If you’re willing to have good work ethic and dedication you’ll enjoy it and make a lot of good friends.  Plus with all the weight training you’ll get a lot stronger.”