CYO orchestrates excellence


Stephanie Czypinski

The Carlsbad Youth Orchestra performs in one of their many symphonies including this one from last year. The orchestra has 65 members and was one of four groups chosen out of the entire nation to play at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, California.

Daniel Carr, Writer

Fancy dresses and suits. A black tie occasion, surrounded by your friends playing the classics. Chalked up strings and aged wood bent and molded to create music. Conducted professionally and playing just like the masters. These are all parts of the Civic Youth Orchestra.

The Civic Youth Orchestra is a unique opportunity that allows students who seek out more musical practice and expertise outside of school. The orchestra is a private organization of students from all over the county, and allows students to meet other students through what they both love: music.

“It really is just another place to hang out with friends and play great music,” senior Eric Yu said. “Of course we aren’t the best, as we have not had decades of practice under our belts, but it is the chance to play like professionals. We play music completely different from what we are assigned in school.”

The CYO Orchestra, which may seem innocuous, is a legitimate orchestra. It was recently hired by a ballet company to play “The Nutcracker.” They travel around San Diego and Orange County to perform in shows throughout the year, and some of the orchestra travels around Europe to play in various concert halls.

“The demand for the CYO Orchestra is not even that bad either,” senior Izzy Viney said. “We only practice every Saturday for 3 hours in the morning, and the most work comes around Christmas season when we typically play for a professional ballet. It can amount to about 30 hours a week. The biggest difference from our program and CYO is that you have to learn the music on your own and be ready to play it when the orchestra meet, but it is not a huge commitment. The organization allows me to still continue my responsibilities with our school band.”

The CYO Orchestra gets to play a lot more unique concerts throughout the year. They play at Classical Academy in Escondido or Disney Hall in Disneyland, and many more throughout Southern Calif.. In order to play for the orchestra, you have to audition.

“If you want to join, you have to practice,” senior Eric Yu said. “It is only one audition, which usually occurs around the semester points of the school year. I learned about it through my private teacher and I love it. I am held to a much higher standard. You really have to know your music.”