Meet the new reigning royals of CHS


Danny Tajimaroa

Seniors Sierra Gonzalez and Conner Shaw ride in the Lancer Day Parade as this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. Gonzalez and Shaw have been part of Chambers choir and band, respectively, since freshman year.

Mady Christian, Writer

In almost all high school movie dramas, the homecoming king and queen titles are given to the two most egotistical students in the school who lack all real sense of school spirit and drive. The winners of this year’s homecoming titles for CHS take this stereotype and blow it out of the water with their outgoing personalities, consistent participation within Carlsbad’s school system and community, and overall well-roundedness.

The two winners of CHS’s 2014 homecoming court, Sierra Gonzalez and Conner Shaw, each had different homecoming court introductions, with Conner receiving unsolicited nominations from friends and groups, and Sierra resurrecting a dream from freshman year.

“My best friend Jonah Ibrahim and I had talked about this freshman year and how funny it would be if we ran for king and queen and were on homecoming court,” Gonzalez said. “Jonah approached me this year, talking about how we’re two of the most unlikely people to win homecoming king and queen but that he wanted to actually go for it, asking me to run with him.”

Each winner received support from groups they involve themselves in around the school and community.

“People said they noticed me getting involved in the pep rallies, and I’m also involved in band and speech and debate as of this year,” Shaw said. “I’m also publicity head of improv club. I try to be involved in various other groups that friends of mine are in.”

Both Gonzalez and Shaw found numerous ways of becoming immersed within the culture of Carlsbad’s community throughout their years at Carlsbad High School.

“I participate in choir, and I’ve been involved in Chamber singers at Carlsbad High since freshman year, and I tech for show choir, while also being involved in Carlsbad Community Theatre,” Gonzalez said. “I also volunteer a lot for Kids for Peace as well as participating in my youth group.”

Shaw and Gonzalez characterized their immediate reactions to their win as surprising and shocking, yet an overall feeling of happiness as well.

“My reaction to my winning was a mixture of things, but I was mainly just excited,” Shaw said. “I was surprised as well, but excitement is the best way to describe it.”

As for the homecoming weekend festivities, Shaw and Gonzalez were able to maximize their levels of both involvement and enjoyment.

“The coolest part was being a part of something like homecoming,” Shaw said. “Everyone on court was really excited for one another, and everyone was excited to be on court in general, so that made it a good experience.”

2014’s homecoming king and queen highlight Carlsbad’s strongest assets and will continue to represent Carlsbad in a positive way as they carry on with their involvement in the community during their last year of high school.

“Being able to be in the parade was crazy because all of the little girls yelled ‘It’s the queen, It’s the queen!’, and little girls came up to me during the game wanted to take pictures with me and I got to teach them to wave like a queen,” Gonzalez said. “It was crazy.”