Skating from Chicago to Carlsbad

Jake Kremers, Sports Editor

As the winter season starts up, junior Tommy Lombardi uses the opportunity to play his favorite sport. He’s not your typical basketball or soccer player. Instead, he plays ice hockey. His love for the sport began back from his days in Chicago, and he continues to play here. While the area he plays ice hockey at is different, he hopes to bring the same energy and enthusiasm into Carlsbad.  

Lancer Link: How was the transition from playing ice hockey in Chicago compared to here?

Tommy Lombardi: It’s very different as everyone was super into ice hockey in Chicago and it was a super common sport to play, while here it is a rare sport which very few play.

LL: Where are you currently playing at, and how often do you practice?

TL: I’m playing at Pacific Ridge High School, for a club team. We practice around a few times a week so it’s not too demanding.

LL: How long have you been playing for?

TL: I’ve been playing for around 10 years, so since I was like eight. 

LL: Why did you start playing hockey when you were little?

TL: My dad was a big influence on me playing, plus it seemed like a really fun sport that I had fun playing right away.

LL: Do you have any highlight plays or moments during a game?

TL: Yeah, I scored the game winning goal against our rival school to advance to the finals in our league. It was kind of similar to open division CIF, so it felt really good to help my team advance.

LL: Was it hard to leave your team and move to Carlsbad?

TL: Yes, it was really tough to say goodbye to my friends and teammates, but it didn’t take me too long to find new friends in Carlsbad.

LL: What’s your favorite part of hockey?

TL: Having fun with my teammates and making friendships that will last.