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Varsity tennis climbs to the CIF finals

Varsity Coach Clayton and Junior Varsity Coach Ed talk to the Varsity Boys Tennis team pregame. Carlsbad High played Ramona High School in the CIF quarterfinals Wednesday, May 2. The Lancers went on to beat Ramona. The next day, Thursday, May 3 the Lancers beat Sweetwater in the semifinals to move on to the CIF final Friday at Balboa Tennis Complex.

Max Piper

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Carlsbad Tennis will get their first banner ever after this run, whether it is runner up or CIF champion. The Lancers play Friday May 4 at Balboa Tennis Complex to fight for the championship.

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Max Piper, staff photo

Max Piper is in his second year of high school, and has liked photography for a few years and likes to shoot pretty much anything that appeals to him. This includes surfing, nature/scenery, and sports. He took journalism because he wanted to be involved in the school and take more photos to learn more about photography. In addition, Max goes around the Carlsbad/Encinitas area to taste different tacos with other Journalism students every other week. Some of his favorite bands are the Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, the Doors, and Phish. To expand his gallery of photos, Max connects his hobbies of photography and surfing with travel.

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  • Varsity tennis climbs to the CIF finals


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Varsity tennis climbs to the CIF finals