Alex Gardner


Victoria Smith

Senior Alex Gardner warms up during lacrosse practice. Gardner also has been playing soccer for thirteen years.

Gillian Allen, Writer

Alex Gardner is a senior who has played both lacrosse and soccer at Carlsbad. Gardner has been playing soccer for 13 years on club teams and for the CHS team. On top of the time commitment and dedication that playing this sport demands, Gardner has been successful on and off the field. Between taking AP and honor classes, Gardner has remained balanced and focused on keeping up her academic skills along with her athletic ones by doing homework on the weekends and effectively using her spare time.

Lancer Link: Is soccer the only sport you play?

Alex Gardner: Soccer is my main sport and I’ve also been on varsity lacrosse for the past two seasons. Playing soccer helped me transition to lacrosse very easily because the field layout and player positions are similar.

LL: What are your plans for next year?

AG: I am going to Manhattanville College in New York next year to continue my soccer career. I plan on either majoring in business or communications.

LL: What positions do you play in both sports?

AG: I play defense in lacrosse and midfield in soccer.

LL: Why do you like to remain active through sports?

AG: I like playing sports because I love the team atmosphere and the positive encouragement all your teammates and coaches give you.

LL: What advice would you give to underclassmen who are working towards playing a sport in college?

AG: My main advice would be to work really hard in high school with your sport so that when you end up playing in college your hard work will pay off, but it is equally important to have fun with it. The best experiences I have had in high school have been with my teams because they become like your second family, so make sure to work hard but make memories at the same time.