Danielle Bosley bounces onto varsity basketball


Danny Tajimaroa

Junior Danielle Bosley shoots a free throw during warm-ups for a game against San Dieguito Academy in the Mr.Harper Invitational Tournament held in the new gym. Half of the proceeds from the money made during the tournament will be donated to Mr.Harper’s children for their college fund.

Leaving everything behind and completely starting over somewhere new is never an easy task. Coming to a new school can be absolutely terrifying, but when junior Danielle Bosley moved to Carlsbad, she stuck with her love for basketball and is now one of the point guards for Carlsbad’s varsity team.

“Making varsity basketball has definitely made my transition to Carlsbad High School so much easier,” junior Danielle Bosley said. “I’ve met so many people, which has got me out there to meet their friends too.”

Bosley has moved more than a few times because her dad is in the United States Coast Guard; however this move has been the hardest. She lived in Northern California for five years and has been playing basketball in a familiar setting since seventh grade.

“Danielle was on varsity basketball last year at her old school, but she jells well with our team,” junior varsity basketball player Sophie Clark said. “She’s a supportive person and a great ball handler.”

Bosley first decided to start playing basketball out of mere curiosity and immediately fell in love with the sport’s competitiveness and aggression. Her skills as a player allowed her to make the CHS varsity team, and her qualities as a person helped her develop great friendships with her teammates.

“Danielle moved here during the summer and got to know the team, so by her first day of school she already knew 13 people,” senior captain Niky Piancastelli said. “We would all agree she is very outgoing, funny, and a good team leader.”

Because Danielle did not know anyone when first arriving, she made herself known this past summer. Bosley worked hard for her position on the varsity team and earned her spot as point guard. She also made sure to ready herself before the basketball tryouts at CHS.

“To prepare for tryouts I made sure I went to everything possible over the summer,” junior Danielle Bosley said. “I went to all the beach work outs, open gyms, and the fall league games.”

Bosley’s dedication and love for basketball made a difficult time in her life less stressful. She has managed to meet many people thanks to her teammates introducing and welcoming her into the Lancer family.

“The team was very welcoming to her, she’s not shy at all which made her easy to become friends with,” Piancastelli said. “I think making friends with the girls on the team helped her adjust to her new enviornment at Carlsbad.”