Cheer and Lancer Dancers offer support instead of rivalry

Varsity cheer members rally the crowd at the end of a Carlsbad win at the first home game against Great Oaks. The team practices two days a week so they can stay in top shape for their demanding routines and is present at all varsity football games to help pump up the crowd and players.

You know the old story. Halftime begins and as the players leave the field, two groups  huddle near on the sideline near the fifty yard line, each with their own iconic outfits.  They wait for the deafening silence of the crowd to come to a halt.  Both nail their performance with execution and pep only spirited performers can bring.

At CHS, spectators get to experience showstopping performances by both cheer and dance teams at the halftime performances and pep rallies. Some might be surprised to learn that the relationship between the two powerhouse squads is both positive and supportive.

“I like supporting the [cheer team], and it’s cool that they support us,” sophomore Lancer Dancer Rebecca Tang said. “Cheering each other on during the performance allows both teams to really pump up the school spirit.”

Not many schools have high-caliber cheer and dance departments like at CHS. Cheer and dance help keep school spirit high during the school year and especially at sporting events and pep rallies, both on and off the field. As examples of school spirit, they are dedicated to their teams by wearing their uniforms to school on game days.

“I have so many great friends on dance, and it’s really amazing to see two different groups come together and put on a fabulous show for the crowds,” junior cheerleader Briette Pietrocini. “By coming together[cheer and dance], we can really help each other excel.”

The two programs have earned much recognition both in the community and through various competitions and awards. The catchy cheers and stunts of the cheerleaders pump up the crowd during halftime, while the dancers with their fluid and passionate dances keep the energy high through the end of halftime.

No typical high school animosity between the two teams, just pure respect and support.  There is no need to “be aggressive, be be aggressive ” as both focus on their own performances and be what they truly are: excellent examples of why it is great to be a Lancer.