New developments ruin Carlsbad’s beauty


Photo by Sophia Weis

As the Carlsbad water tower stood high many months ago, it has now been demolished to nothing.

AJ Griffin, Assistant Editor

For four beautiful years I have sat as a member of this wonderful staff of writers, voicing my opinion on a multitude of subjects ranging from the quality of our educational system all the way to local theme park changes. However, no subject has followed me throughout my journey quite like the topic of overdevelopment within the city of Carlsbad. With more construction than ever, it is time I give some of my final thoughts and regards on this topical subject.

The city me and many others have grown up in seemingly changes daily, with new buildings being erected and destroyed like the city is playing with Legos. Even our iconic water treatment facility has recently succumbed to the unfortunate fate of the city council’s decision to make Carlsbad a “low budget Orange County” and detract from the uniqueness that makes our city what it was. Whether it is our lush and rolling hills, or our tight knit community that is exemplified by our small beach town, this is what makes Carlsbad unique. Not generic grey four story “affordable” housing structures that looks like it was copy and pasted straight from google images.

Furthermore, we as a community have to decide where we draw the line. Do we allow ourselves to be steamrolled by a minority of people who “want the best for the city” while serving in the city government? Or do we want to decide that our community is too precious and valuable to pawn off to these higher powers? We as a community have to decide. We have to take a stand as to what we want for the future of our community. This isn’t just land being sold off, it is our future too.

I can understand how people may want to “update and renovate” the older parts of Carlsbad however, at what cost does this come at? First, it is costing the taxpayers a significant amount of money which could be going to filling pot holes on El Camino Real or it could go to paying our local heroes like first responders. However the city wishes to open the book on endless projects that only detract from the beauty of Carlsbad. As we watch over the years, Carlsbad is only getting more and more packed with homes, hotels, and whatever else they can cram into a corner. And you know what they do when they can’t build out anymore? They build up. They ruin our sightlines with shades of grey and tan in order to “update the old”. However, at what point are we even Carlsbad anymore, would people recognize our city as compared to in years past? We need to make sure we protect our allure and lush landscape that we call Carlsbad.

Lastly, I want to address the future of Carlsbad, we have to protect what we love. Our city needs to remain ours, the local shops can not be forced out and replaced by corporations. We must remain relevant in today’s discussion for the future of our city, because ultimately it comes down to the youth that have to endure the consequences made by the city. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and speak for what you believe in. I have spoken for four years about this decision and I am not done yet.