Top 5: Valentine’s Day Ideas

Top 5: Valentines Day Ideas

These are the top 5 ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019, to make it a day to remember!

1. Recreate your first date. Times change and so do people, why not take it way back to the first date? This romantic idea will take you back to the first time you found each other. This is a great way to reflect on how much you have developed into the people you are today.

2. Movie night. Sometimes it is as simple as having a relaxed night at home. A There is plenty of romantic movies playing during Valentines Day that each of you can enjoy together.

3. DIY project. DIY projects are a very fun time and a great learning experience. A fun arts and crafts project can make for a great night. Whether its a romantic craft or its a inside joke, it can make for a fun night.

4. Game night. Whether it is simple card games or something like scrabble, these games are always a source of fun. A little friendly competition with your significant other is very fun.

5. Exchange thoughtful gifts. Gifts are usually given but are not always super thought out. A thoughtful gift can mean a lot and make that special someone’s day.

No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, make it unique to yourself and whoever you spend this special day with.