Carlsbad windmill alters town’s appearance

Carlsbad By The Sea Hotel undergoes remodeling.

Daily drives by the beach, golden sunsets, flower fields– growing up in Carlsbad, I’ve constantly reminded myself not to take these things for granted. But beyond the beautiful environment, I recently realized there were some small parts of Carlsbad that are often underappreciated: our local businesses.

These are the types of businesses that really affect each town through both the residents’ and tourists’ experiences. However, with this power that businesses hold, there must be some sense of responsibility for representing a city the best way possible.

A few months ago, the windmill of the Carlsbad By The Sea Hotel caught my eye. The windmill was repainted from a white building with a blue trim to a black building with a white trim, while the building is being redeveloped into a food hall. However, in the midst of this seemingly overnight transformation, I instantly missed the Carlsbadian charm of the old windmill.

Although this building is private property, the new paint job was unwise for such a big building in a tourist-centric town. The windmill’s location makes it a prominent sight in our community, which draws in many people. And I speak from experience when I say that when you’re driving through town at 7 a.m. on the way to school, a dark, gloomy windmill towering over you doesn’t really scream, “Good morning! Have a wonderful day in sunny San Diego.”

Meanwhile, buildings such as the Daily News Cafe in Carlsbad Village are a pleasure to see, as they stand as an unwavering reminder of joyful memories made in Carlsbad. We should want not only residents to cherish these memories, but tourists, as well.

Customer service goes a long way in making residents and tourists feel at home, however, our town’s aesthetics subconsciously impact people’s moods and their appreciation for Carlsbad. This gives a huge social and economic responsibility to local businesses to represent our town.

The clash of the dark windmill with the vibrant flower field and tropical blue ocean exemplifies a change in Carlsbad that may not be for the best. From our city government to local businesses to homeowners, we all have a role in contributing to our community. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste– Carlsbad’s unique charm depends on it.