Why you should take AP classes

AP testing. The whole entire year is molded into a certain curriculum this one particular test in May. Many take this test, not knowing the benefits besides college credit, but there is more to the test than what the papers are describing. Students are up for a challenge that could change the trajectory of their life.

AP stands for Advanced Placement. When you are signing up for a class for the upcoming year, these classes are offered to give a rigorous and demanding responsibility to students who want to improve in skills regarding that subject. If you are not up for a challenge, or a chance to obtain highly intellectual knowledge and feedback, then this test is not for you. If you want to gain the knowledge then, by all means, continue to take AP tests!

Ultimately, if you pass the exam in May, you are able to apply for college credits which allow students to, “save college tuition, study abroad, or secure a second major,” (The College Board). Students are afraid of if they get a bad grade in an AP class. They are afraid of the class being too difficult to handle, however, the long-term benefits exemplified by The College Board are reasons as to why pushing yourself a little will help ease your stress in the future. If you go to college without any AP class skills and habits, the college life could be extremely tiring because there was no boost- no push to develop these skills beforehand.

Sure, the responsibilities of an AP student is definitely not a walk in the park, but in the end, all the hard work and dedication to get the grade you want and the knowledge you would need for the future will be beneficial. For all this hard work to be tested in an official way will get students a step closer to college and show students that many of the study habits developed in AP classes are necessary for college.

The goal of AP tests is to ultimately develop time management and productive study habits in order for an individual to strive in college. Although there is more class work and definitely more required effort, studies have shown that college students who took an AP test in high school, “have a 59 percent chance of completing a four-year degree,” and students who took more than one AP test, “ have a 76 percent chance of completing a bachelor’s degree,” (The Center of Gifted Studies’ AP Summer Institute). The long-term benefits of your focus and commitment can lead to a future of unlimited possibilities and opportunities. So take your opportunities! College life may not be as stressful if you kick some subjects out of the way in high school.

This year was my first year taking AP biology and AP European History, and yes I was skeptical of taking two in the first year, but I have learned more than what I imagined. I have learned not just the material covered in class, but how to manage my time well, how to be a more attentive listener and note-taker, and how to be a more responsible individual. I have learned skills that will push me to do my absolute best in the future. If anything, you learn a huge amount about yourself and what you want to do in the future. With all these benefits, even with a little challenge, you learn plenty of life lessons and responsibilities of being a hardworking student.