College athletes getting paid


College athletes around the US are getting recruited for sports that they feel passionate about, but some believe they deserve more than just going to school on scholarship. Student athletes believe that they deserve to get paid for their skills and success for the school they are representing. College athletes are doing what they love and should not get paid for something they were recruited for.

Being a college athlete requires a lot of dedication and time to be the best player you can be for the school you are representing, but they think that doing what they love should come with digits. Along with the need for money athletes are asking for, colleges need to money to pay every athlete individually. Almost every college doesn’t have the money to pay the athletes. The money from colleges should be going to the facilities, coaches and the professors giving the athletes the best possible college experience. About 25 percent of students continue to play their sport in college after high school, which means about 75 percent of students do not play sports in college. Students need the money to go towards their education and not completely towards the athletic department.

Paying athletes might bring up the topic of paying the students as well. If we are considering giving athletes money for representing the school they chose to go to, then why can’t students get paid either? Athletes should not be paid because although they are the ones representing the school, the rest of the student body deserves to be treated the same. The amount of work students put into their education should be just as rewarded as athletes working hard at their sport. Both athletes and students put a lot of hard work into college and their education. If athletes get paid for doing something they love, why can’t students get paid for the things they love to do? Students and athletes should be one equal group. Students enjoy going to games and watching their schools most popular sports because they are students just like they are. If athletes were to get paid, it would separate them from the student population.

. Students enjoy going to games and watching their schools most popular sports because they are students just like they are.

As people are starting to think about the exciting topic, the two sports that immediately come to mind are basketball and football. But what about the other sports? In the NCAA, over three divisions compete to play and about 19,000 teams compete and over 480,000 student athletes play. Although some sports are more popular than others, all sports should be paid the same to create equality in the college. Equality is very important in sports to keep the community of the game fair. Unfair salaries can bring conflict to the community of sports that everyone loves.

The importance of the topic is spreading throughout the college community. As students start to get word of this, the topic seems to come more into play. College athletes believe they deserve a salary for playing their sport. But as soon as the topic comes up for student athletes, the rest of the student body believes they deserve to get paid as well. As the subject of paid athletes continue, the equality at the college itself will soon spread.