Football and the risks we are willing to take

As the football season comes to an end, parents are becoming more and more relieved that their kids are coming out of the season injure free. Others are facing the fact that their child will now have to wait up to a month to get back on the field due to concussions. Sports is known to be the second leading cause of of traumatic brain injury behind motor vehicle crashes. Through all parents have experienced, they should still let their kids play. In the end, the kids are having fun and are doing what they love.  

Although concussions are the leading cause of injuries in football, kids need to enjoy what they do in order to give maximum effort. If parents allowed their kids to play football, their children could soon fall in love with it and continue playing due to the their passion for the game. Taking that passion away from their kid would soon lead them join a sport that they would dread going to. You want your kid to love what they are doing, and put the fullest amount of effort into what you are paying for, to give your kids the best experience possible. Playing the sport you love allows you to put in the highest amount of effort and work for something you were introduced to. If that was taken away from you, sports would become something you hate.

As a child is introduced to sports, they can choose whatever sport they want and possibly that will become the sport they play for the rest of their childhood. When a kid joins a sport, many life lessons soon rise as they learn the importance of sportsmanship, friendship, safety, discipline and teamwork. If football is the sport your child chooses, all of these lessons present themselves on and off the football field. Football can teach you to all of these lessons and more. Being in a sport that can teach you things that will be important for the rest of your life can definitely improve your life emotionally. Playing football can teach you to be disciplined through the amount of effort you are required to put in and the requirements for your position. Teamwork and honesty are two other very important lessons that can teach your kids the relevance of qualities. As many of these are applied in the sport, the idea of concussions can be applied. If a child learns to be honest and safe on the field, the possibilities of a concussion can be thought of as the last possible situation. Although this might not lower the chances of a concussion, it can relieve the stress of parents on the sideline knowing their kids knows the repercussions on the field.

Although many might agree with the choice of letting kids play football despite the injuries, many might say there kids are at high risk. If this comes to mind, there are many things to think about. If your kid does decide to play, parents who are worried about the risk of injuries should just be on high alert. The kids should not have to quit the sport they’re are passionate about just because of possibility of getting a concussion. If a parent sees the first signs of a concussion, which are pressure in the head, dizziness, nausea, etc., then be sure to see a doctor right away or have your kid take a break from the sport. Another reason why parents should be less worried is because football isn’t the only sport that can cause a concussion. Although football does have the most concussions in a sport, boys ice hockey and boys lacrosse are not far behind. As parents are putting their kids into sports, they need to consider that all sports have repercussions with injuries.

Parents have the right to be worried about their kids playing a sport with such a big percentage of possibility of concussion, but many sports have the same percentage for other injuries. There are many reasons why football should be played and the benefits of playing despite the injuries. Injuries can be