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PRESS RELEASE: Overdevelopment article

Alex Brown and Samara Anderson

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:The Lancer Link would like to formally address any misconceptions surrounding a recent article on our website On Nov. 1, we, the editors-in-chief, published an article titled “Overdevelopment ruins local beauty” on our site. Over the next two days, the article was spread online through various local community groups and caught the eyes of many Carlsbad residents.

A city council member contacted The Lancer Link editors via email regarding the article and stated he would be interested in speaking with the writer about the piece. It was a professional email that did not suggest any opinion about the content of the article.

Although there have been comments online suggesting censorship by the city council, in no way or fashion did the council member ask or suggest the article be changed or removed by the editors, adviser or the school.  

Due to a few inaccuracies and a need for better citation, the article was taken down for the day on Nov. 3 in order to add more statistics and sources. The brief removal of the article from the site was at the discretion of the student editors after a discussion with the journalism adviser.

Our intent is to become better journalists and the decision was made to pull the article down briefly so that the writer could improve the piece and continue to learn in our classroom. Here at The Lancer Link, we strive to promote true and honest student journalism. We fully support the writer’s beliefs and ideas and always avoid censorship of these ideas as we publish our stories.

Despite this bit of controversy, we are very excited that the Carlsbad community is interested in reading and supporting journalism created by students at Carlsbad High School.


The Lancer Link Editors-in-Chief

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About the Writers
Alex Brown, editor in chief

Alex Brown is a senior, and is very excited to spend her second year on The Lancer Link staff as editor in chief. She enjoys hanging out with her dog,...

Samara Anderson, Editor in Chief

This is Samara Anderson's third year as a journalism staff member. She is also one of the two captains of the varsity dance team, which she has been a...


3 Responses to “PRESS RELEASE: Overdevelopment article”

  1. Emily Wheatley on November 4th, 2017 7:02 pm

    Good for you. I support today’s Lancers in expressing their opinions & thoughts in every way. I’m very proud of all the progress made since I was there. We will indeed “stand as loyal Lancers”… Emily Wheatley CHS ’71

  2. Richard Riehl on November 5th, 2017 9:12 am

    Very well done, by writer and editorial board. As a former English teacher and community columnist opinion writer for the now defunct North County Times, I know the importance of citing facts and sources to support your opinions. My editors helped me see that, and you’re doing the same for your student writers. The editorial board’s clarification of its role in responding to the council member shows the school newspaper’s journalism professionalism. So, good for you!

  3. GEORGE CORRALES on November 6th, 2017 8:54 am

    There are additional resources for your consideration.
    Also, the council is not as much pro development as they are pro growth management. The history of growth in Carlsbad is that it happens in big spurts, when the economy is good. In bad times, we all sit here wondering and worrying why we’re not growing. Anyway, good job you guys for tackling a complex but important issue.

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PRESS RELEASE: Overdevelopment article