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Overdevelopment ruins local beauty

Over development is destroying local habitats at an alarming rate.

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Overdevelopment ruins local beauty

A new neighborhood is built off of El Camino Real. Robertson Ranch is currently undergoing construction.

A new neighborhood is built off of El Camino Real. Robertson Ranch is currently undergoing construction.

Tosh Everett

A new neighborhood is built off of El Camino Real. Robertson Ranch is currently undergoing construction.

Tosh Everett

Tosh Everett

A new neighborhood is built off of El Camino Real. Robertson Ranch is currently undergoing construction.

AJ Griffin, staff writer

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Everywhere you look, local land is being converted into retail, housing and hotels. This is causing our population to grow and develop on the land that once attracted people to this town. This town was founded with natural landscape in mind, however to the city, that’s the last thing they would like to focus on. The city will try to build on every square inch of property in Carlsbad. The city council tends to lead in favor of growth and development, when the majority of Carlsbad residents want it to stop.

These council members are pro-development in spite of what the general public believes. This council has a set amount of area they can build on. This is the city council’s growth management plan. Right now they have built 85 percent of this set land and have stayed very quiet about the other 15 percent  and what they will do with it. The city has a 40% open space plan for our city. Though when they build they almost seem to forget this statement. Although, they have not proven to the public how they will set this land aside. This was tested when the council tried to propose Proposition A; this proposition was planning to demolish the strawberry fields along the lagoon and build a mega mall. This area was a natural habitat all along the lagoon, which contradicts what they said about where they would build. This came into the public’s view and was put to a public vote where the majority voted no on Proposition A. This council is directly responsible for the future of all of Carlsbad.

This overdevelopment affects our schools, resources and overall beauty of the city. This overdevelopment affects our schools by increasing the number of residents, resulting in more students looking to attend our school, despite having a combined population of almost 4000 at both high schools. This is leading to overcrowded classes, a need for more staff, and a requirement for larger campuses. This is depleting city resources with more first responders needed to respond to emergencies, more teachers needed for the schools and more city workers needed to keep up with the demands of a growing city. This is all coming from city and state funds, which results in an increase in taxes. So the more we build, the higher the tax tends to be.

Also, this development is affecting the overall beauty and appearance of the city. When you hear the name Carlsbad, beaches and greenery come to mind. You do not think of hearing construction while at the beach, or having to take a detour while in the village, to get around a new hotel.  

Importantly, these developments are affecting the wildlife of our city; animals are struggling to find homes due to construction, fish are struggling to survive because of polluted lagoons and coyotes are coming out because they are being humanized. These effects in our city are affecting the animals that live with us. These animals are becoming more and more used to being around humans, therefore more dangerous because their not afraid of us. This is causing attacks on our animals that were once allowed to be in our backyards that are now being confined to our homes. From animals to rise at increasing rates. I believe that this development is eliminating their habitats, thus causing attacks on the general public and our animals.   

The growth of Carlsbad has caused our roads to fill up with drivers to the point where it may be necessary to expand certain streets. We have an absurd number of drivers on our roads, which causes accidents, traffic and all around frustration. All that we would have to do is limit the growth of Carlsbad as a city and stop developing to combat these struggles.  

Overall, growth and development is important to a point; however, the city of Carlsbad has hit that point. When you start detracting from what made people come to Carlsbad in the first place, you might have to reconsider what’s best for the whole city. We as a city need to stand strong against the constant growth, and by voicing our opinions to the city, we are able to do that. One way or another we need to stop this, it is ruining our town.  

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7 Responses to “Overdevelopment ruins local beauty”

  1. simon angel on November 1st, 2017 8:58 pm

    Thank you AJ Griffin. It is good to see young folks being involved in their community. You are the hope of many of us for the future of Carlsbad. Those of us who have grown up in Carlsbad remember our time fondly. Carlsbad has certainly changed over the years. It has been said that change is inevitable. While this is certainly true, it is the nature of the change that matters. We can choose a positive change that strikes a balance between revenue streams and the preservation and promotion of our environment, culture and the Carlsbad communities of people or, in my opinion, untrammeled growth and development that will certainly adversely impact our quality of life over the long term. Is this what residents want? I think not.

  2. Jan Neff-Sinclair on November 1st, 2017 9:47 pm

    The article about over-development is right on target. The current city council seems bent on destroying the Carlsbad that the citizens and visitors know and love. The Planning Commission and the Planning Department take their cue from the city council. They knowingly allow developers and builders to ignore our city’s ordinances and restrictions and regulations when it comes to paving over Paradise.

    The only way to change this is to get a new city council. The election of Cori Schumacher was a great step in the right direction, but there are far too many 4-1 votes. Next year in 2018, we have a chance to change that. The position of mayor and the seats held by Michael Schumacher (no relation) and Mark Packard are all for election. It is time to unseat folks who approve every development presented to them and elect council members who represent the citizens.

    All of you who will be eighteen in a year will be eligible to vote for better council members. But regardless of your age, you can get involved in the campaigns of challengers to the status quo. Developers see Carlsbad as one big buffet. We want to tell them that the restaurant is closed!

  3. Linda Trautman on November 2nd, 2017 9:27 am

    It’s so nice to hear from the young people of Carlsbad. I agree that most people in Carlsbad want to maintain open space and the small town feel. Even though the council says they agree…it’s not what they are promoting or approving. 4 story buildings with no curb appeal are being allowed all over the Village and Beach areas. We don’t want to look like La Jolla. Cori Schumaker is a breath of fresh air on the council but the others should either listen to the people or be voted out.

  4. Arnie Cohen on November 2nd, 2017 10:43 am

    I agree that all young adults should become involved and vote when they are eligible. The first step should be for them to become informed voters and get all the facts. It isn’t good enough to form your opinions based exclusively on what others are saying or posting on social media. Do some research and understand all sides of the issues.

    As far as development is concerned, a good place to start would be to learn about the city’s Growth Management Plan that was developed and approved by Carlsbad voters. This plan lays out the maximum number of homes that can be built (we’re now about 85% built out) and fully addresses the various facilities needed to support that growth, including planning for how to pay for that infrastructure through developer fees. There is alot of detailed information about it on the city’s website including the history of the Plan. This is a great starting point:

    Past City Councils as well as the current Council have supported development in keeping with the Growth Management Plan. Some people feel like we should just stop now and forget about the final 15%. That is one point of view, but it doesn’t address important issues like funding the final infrastructure needs of the city, the rights of property owners to build based on current zoning and the General Plan, or the urgent need in Carlsbad and the entire region for more housing.

    For sure, next year’s elections will spark significant discussions about the final 15% of development in Carlsbad and what that should look like. Now is a good time for our young adults (and all voters) to do the research to understand the facts and what is at stake for everyone on all sides of this important issue.

  5. Kim Trujillo on November 2nd, 2017 12:03 pm

    The Youth in this City will eventually be in charge ! My Generation seems to have allowed greed to step in 😒🤔…..I miss the days of open space …It makes Me smile when I read things like You’ve written ! gives Me hope for a brighter future for My Grandchildren ! THANKS get Friends involved ! ✌️😀Save Your City ❤️

  6. Julie Ajdour on November 2nd, 2017 8:03 pm

    Who among us can’t love a freshman who wants “beaches and greenery” to come to mind when we “hear the name Carlsbad”? One of the first cracks I heard here decades ago was the the difference between Carlsbad and other coastal communities was that it was “Iowa by the Sea”. Great place to raise your kid — different vibe than Oside ,Encinitas, and so on … and this Lancer writer is proof.
    Great kid ,great town,, great vibe, great writing !!! Rock on AJ,and to “leadership” that never fit into a wetsuit in the first place & thinks the only shade of green of the one printed on currency, hasta la vista dudes. This town worked when OUR mayor taught high school government instead of trying to ram distilleries dsitricts through for personal profit. Write on, AJ … this is your town.

  7. Cristy Hunter on November 3rd, 2017 9:53 am

    Thank you for writing on such a critical subject matter and for articulating so well what the majority of Carlsbad residents are feeling about this crisis. I hope more conscientious young adults like you continue to use your voices for the betterment and sustainability of our local community and beyond.

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Overdevelopment ruins local beauty