Advice from seniors


Jake Saftig

Photo Illustration

Dear Future Seniors,

We know what you are going through, and that’s why you should read this.

As you enter your last year of high school you are stressing about which courses to select and whether or not purchasing a Senior parking spot is worth your money. It’s not.

Other people will park there and the school won’t reprimand them.

Senior year is your year, so release your goofy side and go all out. Participate in spirit weeks and take those tacky tourist selfies to the next level with some zinc. Don’t be afraid to get involved in school activities. Embrace those awkward yet silly moments, and dance the night away at homecoming. You should use what Mr. Hendricks taught you in AP Econ and make some more “Senior Memories” while you still have the chance.

It’s okay to have a break. Take a nap and relax. Staying up all night won’t help you study for that one test that doesn’t define the rest of your life. So plan out some time for yourself to relax every once in a while, and then get back to business.

At the end of the year you will be tempted to give up because you are comfortable knowing you are attending college in the fall. However, you should still be cognizant of your classes and take advantage of the opportunities the school is providing for you. Apply for scholarships, and don’t ditch your classes. Those two hours spent alongside classmates and friends will mean a lot more to you when you are 1,000 miles apart. 

Most importantly, have fun. High school is a tumultuous journey you won’t be able to experience again. Spend the extra money on your prom dress–you won’t dress up this nice again. Go “study” with friends on a school night. Dump some change in the Senior Assassins fund. Have bonfires on the beach. Walk around the village, you don’t know how many more times you can do that this year. Do what makes you happy, because these are the last moments of your childhood. Make this year last, and make it count.