Down the drain


Tyler White

No wonder the janitors look grumpy.

Jacob Rozansky, Staff Writer

The 5000 building is a testament to CHS’s prioritization of the arts. From band, to dance, to theater, the white stucco walls mark the cultural mecca of the school. However, the 5000 building harbors a dark secret: a gargling drain inside the upstairs men’s bathroom.

A gargling, you ask? Yes. The drain on the right hand side of the restroom emits a sloppy, gushing, noise which has made its home in an otherwise very well-kept bathroom. While the sound could possibly be explained by a constant flow of water, the gargle persists with no human interaction with the facility. Does this fluid flow continuously? What exactly is it that is flowing in the first place?

“We have heard this noise and reported it, but maintenance technicians have been unable to isolate it,” head custodian Chuck Morris said. “As of now, there have been no adverse affects, but maintenance staff will investigate further and keep [us] informed.”

As of now, there are no real answers to this mysterious rumbling. The issues surrounding the drain are both numerous and impacting. If there is, say, a leakage in the system, the 5000 building may be contributing to California’s crippling drought, an inexcusable offense which must be rectified as quickly as possible. If the problem lies in the infrastructure itself, it may be cause for concern in terms of structural stability. A large percentage of students at CHS believe in ghosts, spirits or even ghouls. While it may be improbable the gargle is of supernatural origin, the fear haunts the back of our students’ minds whenever exposed to the enigma. School should be a safe space for all students, in terms of building integrity, environmental safety and levels of paranormality.

The bathrooms of the new buildings, especially those upstairs, are well known as the most sought after restroom experiences at Carlsbad High School. If the gargle continues uninterrupted, then our pristine new buildings are no better than the notorious three thousands building restrooms we know and dread.

While some of these scenarios are unlikely, the point still stands that letting a disturbing gargle make its home in our school for no apparent reason is simply not acceptable. While we should not fear that we do not know, we should be wary and cautious of any possible issues on our campus. So, while our burbling friend has yet to reveal its true motives, the students, teachers and administration should keep tabs on the sound, and not let crazy noises become normalcy at CHS.

For those yet untouched by the siren song of the pipes, I have recorded and posted the sound file of the noise below.

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