How to make the most out of school

Summer is over, and you wonder how your life could get any worse. You see your class schedule and realize you didn’t get any classes with your friends or you got the “bad teacher.” Sound familiar? Well, no need to cry yourself to sleep again because I assure you what may initially seem like a curse can be turned into a blessing.

Let’s tackle the easy problem first. You get your schedule and rush to Instagram to post a photo of it, but receive no immediate comments. Minutes turn into hours, and the only person who has mentioned having a class with you, is that one kid you never talk to. Game over. It’s time to break out the tissues.

The feeling of sorrow one receives after walking into class with zero familiar faces is something we have all experienced. But do not be surprised when I tell you this is actually a good thing. Ready? This is actually a good thing. Look at it like this – you have the opportunity to evolve from a reclusive caterpillar into a social butterfly. Lunch time will always be there for you to see your current friends, but class time is the optimal time to make new ones. You would be surprised at how much you have in common with that one kid you never talk to. And that cute brunette in your math class? Now you can finally talk to her without your friends awkwardly throwing you winks from across the room. So widen your horizons; every single person in your class is a friend in disguise.

What about teachers? How can one make the best out of a bad teacher?  Well to clear things up, there is no such thing as a “bad teacher.” The misconception that “bad teachers” exist stems directly from the stubbornness of students. Remember, teachers are people too; they have lives outside of school just like you and I do. So on top of becoming friends with other students, try befriending your teachers as well. Even a simple “How are you doing?” can go a long way and earn you those extra respect points.

As cliché as it sounds, if you treat your teachers with respect, they will treat you with respect in return. Chances are if you spend the majority of class putting more effort into socializing than paying attention to the teacher, you will also be the one complaining about the teacher. As far as the workload goes, you will just have to accept it. After all, what would school be without homework?

To sum it all up, don’t let your class schedule catch you off guard. High school is too short to complain all the time. The harsh reality is that the school year is here to stay and so is your schedule. In the mean time, stay true to your current friends, but don’t push away any potential friends (teachers included). Respect everyone and work around your teachers’ guidelines. That being said, make it a great year and remember to have fun. Optimism is the key to success.