Carlsbad crumbles from within


Tyler White

Student observes the 3000 building caverns.

While walking up the stairs of the 3000s building, trying to ignore the blobs of off-white paint on the walls seems futile. More often than not, caution tape protects the newly abused walls, waiting for a janitor to patch up the fist-sized gap.

Vandalism is a new trend which has been giving the campus a beating. Why do we find a need to destroy the place we spend so many of our days at? Vandalizing the buildings is not an acceptable and a change needs to happen.

Sure, smashing holes into the wall seems like a simple way to show your friend how fierce you are, but our campus does not look presentable when the walls look as pierced as your studded ears. The immense holes within the hallways make our student body look destructive, which is contrary to the truth. These holes are both unnecessary and a costly pain to reboard and repaint.

The cost of repairs wastes valuable school money which could be spent on textbooks without profanity etched into every page. Wouldn’t it be nice to at least have fresh textbooks from this century?

I guess not, because we would rather show off our punching abilities than have nice equipment. Who even wants to look at the obvious streaks of paint while walking to English class?

Along with the demolished drywall, the bathroom stalls of the 3000 building have messages rebelliously written on the doors, which the school has to pay to remove. If you want to write some nasty (but hilariously passionate) message about some awkward freshman who stole your boyfriend, turn to a different medium than a bathroom wall. 

Besides, what are the chances the girl will read the anonymous message and know it is directed toward her? Vandalism does not have any effect on particular individuals except those who have to clean it up. If you feel particularly passionate and cannot satisfy the hunger to gossip about somebody on the bathroom walls, figure out an alternate way to get past it without destroying the campus. For example, sticky notes get the job done in a disposable manner.

If you ever feel like the ill-tempered Andy Bernard from the Office and need to punch the wall to blow off some steam, or desire to anonymously backstab some girl’s reputation on the bathroom wall, save our students and the janitorial staff the trouble. A stress-ball will work just as well.