Hungry students are not happy ones


Marianna Marsden

Students wait in line to get food from the campus cafeteria. Freshmen and Sophomores must stay on campus at lunch.

After four strenuous hours of working in class, students scatter when they hear the lunch bell. Many people go out to lunch, however only upper classmen are allowed to go off campus, and therefore many kids spend their money on school food. But what if this changed? What if there were more options for students who are forced to stay on campus?

In years past students running for office have touched on this topic, discussing the idea of bringing off campus restaurants on to campus, but the idea has remained a campaign promise.

One example of how Carlsbad can do this is bringing food trucks to campus like the school did for winter formal. This would provide convenient and inexpensive eating options for both students and staff and it would give the opportunity for school sports to be sponsored by some of these vendors.

Accomplishing this would make the majority extremely happy, especially because soon the campus will be closed to all grade levels.

This would also be convenient for students who can still go off campus, however when they do they are driving other students illegally. With their favorite lunch spots already on campus, more students would stay on and lessen the risk of teen car crashes.

Also, numerous students coming back from their off campus lunch are often late. If better food options were available at school, it would eliminate tardies, prevent dangerous driving and altogether lessen the amount of students in detentions, benefitting everyone on campus.

Although more students would spend plenty of money at these new food options, the school might lose money. As of now, the students who cannot go off campus have no option other than buying school food–besides bringing a lunch–and if outside businesses came on campus, more people would spend money.

However, if these vendors sponsor our sport teams, then the school makes money and students are satisfied with good food. This will make future and current students happy especially when CHS has a closed campus.

In essence, adding more eating options to Carlsbad High benefits both staff and students with great food in a timely manner.