Experience the unmatched excitement of lacrosse

If football is played through games, lacrosse is fought through battles.


Mac Harden

Fans rally together to support their fellow Lancers at a lax game. Crowd support is huge, the team is excited about this record making turn out. (Photo Illustration)

Everyone knows about football, the “American” sport. Games average two and a half hours, but do not be fooled. According to a Wall Street Journal study, that good ol’ pigskin is only in actually play for about 11 minutes on average each game.

Every play lasts about five to 15 seconds long on average, with 30 seconds in between plays. Most of the game is players boringly standing around, waiting to actually play.

If football players have a fire in their souls with an intensity that just can not wait to be released, I suggest they play lacrosse.

But this is not about recruiting players, it’s about the spectators. People are drawn to football because of it’s supposed intensity, which is funny because most of the game is spent standing around.

What we remember as glory under the “Friday Night Lights” is typically just a mix of loitering by the snack bar and trying to raise your voice over to band to complete an empty conversation.

Lacrosse is a fast paced, high intensity sport played in a style of gameplay most similar to hockey mixed with soccer. Plus, everyone gets what are basically gladiator training swords to hit each other with. Football is played with the formidable style of a pack of raging hippos. The goal for most players is to simply hit someone and fall down in a blubberously┬ástrategic way. Football is great, but if we’re rating sports against each other I would say lacrosse is the greater.

Attend boys and girls lacrosse games and you will experience the awesome energy that is this sport. You could go to save you save your school spirit for football in the fall, but they you would miss out on the bellicose ballet of a good lacrosse game. It won’t leave you wandering the area around the concessions stand or indulging in boredom-induced conversation. You will be glued to every play in the non stop action. Don’t believe me? You won’t know the truth until you go, and learn for yourself.