The old gym jumbotron: out of sight out of mind


Sierra Gomperts

CHS is actively using the new jumbotron in the quad to sport motivational messages and announcements. The jumbotron was recently installed because administration believed it would help keep students informed.

Chiming the late bell, students hustle to their next class. Dodging cement benches, oncoming students and security guards, student’s weave through Lancer Plaza oblivious to the marquee resting above them. Only wandering eyes will catch a glimpse of Old Gym’s roof. Catching a glimpse of the jumbotron.

Technicolor and thin. A jumbotron is a large television-like screen. Usually used in sporting events, Carlsbad’s Associated Student Body felt the need to place one right on top of the gym. At an awkward height and size, the screen is underwhelming.Providing motivational phrases for every class, the result is a broadcasting of cheesy sayings that have no impact on the crowd. As if it was a friend you had a falling out with -the jumbotron is superficial and cliché.

On March 16 CHS hosted its first All School Gala. Uniting parents to celebrate TR’s 44 years on campus, the gala had an auction and raised money for the jumbotron.

The purpose of the purchase?

To keep students informed during passing periods and lunch. Now nesting in the quad, the screen’s advertisements are often overlooked. Whether wishing seniors a “super day!” or revealing the time and temperature –I’ve never felt more informed in all my life.

But the jumbotron has also lent itself to benefit student-kind. It reminds seniors when the company Jostens will be on campus to take orders for class rings and graduation packages. But as a captive audience, one expects more. There is so much potential lying behind this technology. It is a great means of connection – but in such an awkward spot.

Improvement increases intrigue. With some improvements to the jumbotron, Lancers would see a need behind the screen. Especially if the slogans could be more relatable: students should have the ability to submit appropriate phrases to ASB and gain recognition for it across the jumbotron. Projecting messages into the quad, the screen oversees every disorganized lunch period.

If all the lunch carts were lined up in front of the screen, it would force waiting kids to turn their attention to the jumbotron. On occasion the plaza houses a pep rally at lunch. In which case, the jumbotron could complete the ultimate spirited experience –displaying lyrics to songs or the faces of peppy students.

Nevertheless the screen is not highly appreciated because most teens do not see the importance within it. The jumbotron gives students the unique experience to step outside their comfort zone. Including the comfort of our phone screens.

Pick your head up. When busting-a-move between classes or munching on a peanut butter and banana sandwich at lunch, pick your head up. Stop worrying about what is in front of you (or who is behind you). Take a risk, take a peek at what the jumbotron has to offer. Carlsbad High School houses hidden treasures and if you turn your head far enough to the left –you might be able to see them.

Did you know we have a campus map? Did you know we have a Model United Nations Team? Did you know our Honor Code gives tips on how to avoid plagiarism? Did you know Carlsbad High school has its own definition on Urban

Don’t expect someone, or some article, to point out all the little things in life. Seize the moment, revel in the unknown and do not settle for someone else’s standards.