Twitter takeover: Too much too soon?


Tyler White

Twitter jay drops a dropping on Facebook.

Like my status for a truth is, tbh, rate or compliment.  This is the nonsense that caused many teenagers to leave the Facebook world for the newer form of social media rising in popularity known as Twitter.  Like a bad break-up, Facebook users found themselves moving on from the online world filled with haunting profile pictures from the summer of ’09 and never looking back.

Sure, at one point, Facebook was a great way to share pictures, connect with old friends and stalk that cute boy from your Spanish class, but today it is cluttered with advertisements, vines, friend requests from fake accounts and the 437 pages you liked in seventh grade.  With a constant stream of new social media platforms, Facebook has become outdated and uncool.

One of these new platforms is the rapidly growing online community of Twitter which only recently began climbing in popularity.  The transition from Facebook to Twitter was smooth enough, and although some newbies took longer to sign up, most everyone eventually caught on to the Twitter game. But was this rapid take over too much too soon?

Lately, Twitter has shown evidence of turning into the next ‘Facebook’ with the new popular trend of users asking their followers to direct message, or dm-ing, a certain emoji promising to tweet out that emoji with what they think of them.  This sounds like the all-too-familiar “truth is” that flooded people’s Facebook timelines with compliments about how “chill” someone is.  The secrecy of using an emoji is fleeting since users end up retweeting the response about them.

I didn’t log on to Twitter to see you tweet to the blue whale emoji how perfect they are and how you miss them and wish you hung out more.  Here’s an idea: call them up on your new rose gold iPhone 5s or get back on your Facebook game.

Not only is the spreading of ‘truth is’ plaguing the dignity  of Twitter, advertisements are increasing and automatically being promoted onto the news feeds of Twitter users left and right. Ranging from Verizon to new movie releases, these advertisements serve more as an annoyance than any real help.  These unfortunate blunders raises the question: “Is Twitter still cool?”

Aside from these slip ups, Twitter still gives you the ability too stay updated with any and all information from the latest celeb gossip, the scores of the latest football game                                                                                                                               and the always-interesting lives of my fellow tweeters.  Livetweeting and sub-tweeting and retweeting oh my.  All of these and more can be found on your constantly updated Twitter timeline.

Whether you want to live-tweet an exciting football game, get personal about how you could use a cuddle buddy or share with your followers how much you hate fake people, Twitter’s the place to let it all out.  The firm limit of only 140 characters prevents long drawn out statuses making tweets short, sweet and to the point.

Twitter also allows followers to feel  connected with celebrities ranging from professional athletes, to pop singers, to actors.  I know the thrill that rushes through my veins as I tweet at Beyoncé and say a little prayer at the possibility that Queen B could respond is unparalleled.

If users can look past these small flaws, Twitter still remains the coolest social media around today. Tweet responsibly, though, folks and keep Twitter cool so that it doesn’t go the way of Facebook.