sierra gomperts- photo illustration

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As you are listening to another history lecture, you realize that Instagram hasn’t been updated in over eight hours. Make a funny face, snap a pic, add a sub-par filter and post that magical art adding it to the absurdly large collection of  “selflies” on your profile. So when you realize that at least half of your photos feature duck faces and peace signs, please, for the sake of all that is good, stop taking selfies.

Scrolling down an over-crowded feed with pictures of food or pumpkin spice lattes gets old, but it’s a completely different story with selfies. Walking around before and after school, I see people constantly taking these “self pics” everywhere and at anytime. In the car, In-In-Out, with friends in between passing periods and lastly the horrid bathroom pic. Why do we feel the need to take these pictures all the time?

Society has set up an idea that when people take pictures of themselves, it’s supposed to be a good feeling. It seems as if being popular is the most important thing in high school and self-esteem is a key component in “popularity.” The picture shows a smile, but behind the camera might be someone with low self-esteem.

Taking pictures to boost your self importance due to lack of confidence seems logical. Getting 182 other people to like a photo makes self-esteem go up. Someone with low self-content needs a boost leading them to take and post more selfies. If you worry less about what others think about you and focus on the amazing things you could be taking pictures of, you might realize that there’s no need for selfies. Yay! Everyone wins!

Yes, sometimes I think it’s nice to get a pic of an “instafamous” photographer my the feed, but when it’s every other day or so, it gets to be too much. We know you have an angelic face, but when the photos are posted daily, you start to look conceited. Perhaps serial selfie photographers are over-compensating for the horrible pictures that are taken and just sit in the camera roll on the phone, never to be posted.

There is an exception to this claim. Photos that need to stay in the camera roll, or even better, never be taken, are the bathroom pics (*cough* ladies *cough*). Why in all the places possible to take a picture, do you choose the bathroom? No one needs to see how messy the counter is with makeup and what the toilet looks like. On top of the setting, the pose is horrible. One hand on the hip with the insta-infamous duck face just adds to the disaster. Yet it still gets 300+ likes? How? Not sure, I guess it’s one of the wonders of the world- kinda like Snapchat.

Oh Snapchat, how much the better would the world  be without you. You take selfies and send them to other people… sounds like a blast. But guess what, I really don’t want to see 18 ten-second pictures of people making horrible faces. Do everyone a favor and delete it, it’s the most self conceited app of all.

Another one of the inexcusable places to take a pictures is the car. Really? You don’t text and drive, but it’s ok if you take a selfie while driving. Great logic people. Not only is it dangerous, it looks pretty ridiculous, too. Even if you aren’t driving, taking a selfie in the car is pretty embarrassing. When I walk by people in their cars posing with the tongue half out and the “limp peace sign” I shake my head in pure disappointment for the human race, chuckling as I go.

I propose that you help a friend who has a selfie problem. Tell him or her to calm down and face the problem, not the camera. #SorryNotSorry