Choir performs their last show of the year


Choir performs their Pop Show of 2019.

At the end of May, choir performed a compilation of their previous set lists at their Pop Show. Sound express and chamber choir were able to showcase their improvement throughout the year, as well as prepare for next year’s show.

The Pop Show incorporates different shows and musicals that the group has been preparing since August. Implementing a variety of concepts and roles, choir not only sings, but they also dress up and dance to make the show memorable and meaningful.

“Our goal in performing the Pop Show is to celebrate all the hard work we have been putting in since August, and it is kind of a full circle of the year since our last performances are always emotional,” junior Johnny Gieson said. “We want to convey that emotion to everyone who has been supporting us from the first show to the last.”

Chamber choir has been working specifically on three songs, which were all practiced and performed at the Pop Show. The group’s goal was to show the hard work put into incorporating all aspects of contemporary and pop culture.

“So chamber’s goal was to showcase the set– the three songs we’ve been working on– and competing throughout the year,” junior Abigail Budiwarman said. “We have put a lot of work into this so it was a last time to show the new audience and the audience that came back what we did with the music.”

Choir’s hard work was defined by the amount of time the group has spent together rehearsing and dressing up together. The message choir hopes to convey to the audience was the amount of emotion and concepts that are used throughout the show.  

“Being with around 50 other people is really powerful because when everybody works together, it really helps create bonds that will last longer than just this year,” Gieson said.

The Pop Show embodied what choir is all about. The outcome of this year’s Pop Show will help prepare for future shows coming up throughout the next school year.

“Being in chamber was really nice because everyone is really nice to each other, and it was a great environment,” Budiwarman said. “It is a great way to form new friendships. Music is a big part of my life and to be able to see other people share the same passion definitely helps the outcome of the performances.