Slamarack: The event to kick off summer

Friday, May 31. The light breeze is enough to evoke shivers down the spines of beach-goers as crowds begin to form at Tamarack Beach. Groups of people arriving by the dozen rush to the sand as surfers gather in large numbers on the shore next to the cool water.

“I have never seen so many surfers in the water all at once,” sophomore Gabby Nelms said. “While I was watching I was super entertained, but at the same time I was afraid that someone would get hurt since there were so many people in the water.”

Two days before, the Ponto Troll Crew took to Instagram, @ptcordie, to announce the time and place for surfers and onlookers to meet. With favorable conditions and waves between 3-4 feet, the takeover, to many students who showed up, was deemed a success.

“For me, it was super fun because I know a lot of the people,” senior Brock Smith said. “Although there seemed to be a lot more people this year from all over the place, not just from Carlsbad, which was cool.”

The Ponto Troll Crew Instagram has racked up over 3,700 followers on the platform, and after a post including the information, the stretch of beach was bound to be packed.

“ATTENTION,” @ptcordie said. “This Friday at 5 p.m. we are calling for a Tamarack takeover. Conditions are looking favorable. FOAMIES AND SENDERS ONLY! Tell your friends.”

Nicknamed ‘slamarack’ for the intensity of the wave breaks and pile-ups, the takeover brought people from all different backgrounds together. Among the chaos photographers and videographers canvassed the shoreline for memories worth capturing.

“To surf in it is cool,” freshman Aidan Mooney said. “But to be able to film it is ten times better. Being the one who brings more people to the event and adds to it and helps make it [Tamarack Takeover] as cool as it is.”

With over a hundred people showing up to the Tamarack Takeover, it served as a reminder to embrace the surroundings and people throughout the walk of life.

“It was amazing to see so many people who all have the same love for the beautiful ocean,” Nelms said. “So many new friendships have been formed at Tamarack. I was even able to make some new friends myself.”

Friday wasn’t the first time that the Ponto Troll Crew has held a takeover, and it certainly will not be the last. The event has become iconic in Carlsbad, and attended by many.

“It [Tamarack Takeover] is awesome,” Mooney said. “I’ve been to Tamarack on days when I’m the only one for miles and seen perfect conditions. To see that many people in those conditions just shows a surf sesh isn’t the same without friends.”