California DMV experiences glitch in system


Sam Chacon

The DMV experienced a major glitch in September falsely acknowledging unlicensed people. The DMV acknowledges this glitch and is working to fix this issue.

On Feb. 11, the California Department of Motor Vehicles announced a glitch dating back to Sept. acknowledging that around 150,000 customers have not yet received their drivers license. The DMV has also released a statement addressing the stricter policies towards illegal appointment selling through unofficial websites and companies.

The DMV, noticing the issue, has released a statement saying that the situation is greater than expected, affecting those just getting their license and those who have been planning to renew it. The issue, dating back to from mid Sept. caused a delay in the DMV system.

“It seems most students lately have been getting their license later than right at the age of 16,” Junior Dominck Redmon said. “It could make some students anxious that are applying for their license later since they have to wait even longer to get it.”

Having a large amount of customers waiting in line every day at the DMV, this glitch causes an even greater delay as more students apply for their drivers license. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is currently working on improving their system to make the road more obtainable by California citizens.

“Students who were planning on getting their license in the near future are now forced through even more hassle than the normal DMV process,” Junior Jillian Wilson said. “The people who have been driving them, who were awaiting their freedom of driving their student now have to continue to do so even if they planned on not having to drive them anywhere.”

The DMV’s statement claims that the government is currently working on fixing this issue and trying to avoid any future system breakdowns or errors. With that in mind, students and adults will soon be able to obtain their license without any mistakes.

“I hope they resolve it for the young people who want to receive their license in order to promote independence with the adolescent,” Redmon said.

The DMV also released a statement announcing that any unofficial resale of driving appointments will be terminated and the company’s selling these would be fined and possibly sued. This occurrence and the glitch within the DMV’s system affects those who plan on getting their driver’s license or renewing it.

“Thankfully it does not affect me, but its such a struggle at the DMV even when the systems work properly,” Wilson said. “Having to deal with something that I could not foresee and is not my fault sounds very frustrating and would illicit some anger towards the DMV’s management of their systems.”