How weather conditions may affect college choices

How weather conditions may affect college choices

 Throughout January 2019, a massive storm went through the Midwest, causing temperatures to go well below zero, and while the majority of the U.S. was marveling over how cold it was getting, many people faced challenges. Seniors, for example, found out potential problems of going to out of state schools, and with the year passing halfway, seniors and juniors alike have to take into account another factor when picking colleges.

Students, such as senior Nick Everekyan, think that there are more important things than weather when picking a school to go to in the future. As a senior, he has done his research into many schools across the country and has realized what is most important to him. He may be one of the few that will put his career before all else in choosing his school.

“I choose schools based on if the credentials fit my needs, not exactly if the weather is temperate,” Everekyan said.

Senior Matthew Zoren, who is going to Mira Costa for two years before transferring, will have to make such a decision. Some of the perfect schools may be in areas that could have terrible weather and Zoren knows he has to be prepared for whatever he may experience while pursuing his career.

“People should really plan ahead and think to themselves if they want to go to school and essentially live in a different environment,” Zoren said.

Colleges will often reach out to students using their specialties in majors or sports to get students to apply to their school, not including the climate that their school resides in. Curriculum and sports seem to be more heavily sought after than the comfortability of that school.

“Cold weather is just the nature of the East, so it’s something I would just have to deal with if I decide to go to a college on the East Coast,” Everekyan said.

When students take in to account a school’s overall atmosphere when selecting schools, it can only help them”. Everekyan said, ” A student will be spending a good amount of time at the college they choose, so it is advisable to look at all aspects of the school they want to pursue their career through.

“Before you go to a place with cold weather, know how to handle those conditions,” Everekyan said, “chance favors the prepared mind.”