New coalition alters college applications


Tyler White

Fear the coalition little common app.

Many high school students are familiar with the popular Common Application website that helps upcoming college applicants organize and plan ahead for their future. However, after the website experienced difficulties, a different joint application system from the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success was created. This new coalition anticipates to be running by Jan. 2016.

This new coalition appeals to students that are interested in applying to more prestigious schools, not just the ones associated with the original Common Application.

“I do not believe this application will change the process too much, if anything it will improve it by making it go faster and maybe allowing the students to make changes to their application,” CHS student counselor Mrs. Bentley said. “More is not necessarily better, the efficiency is what is going to help the students feel organized and prepared.”

When choosing which program to use throughout high school, students will ultimately make their own decision after considering both options.

“Regarding whether or not to choose this or the Common Application, I do not think it would matter,” senior Samiksha Ramesh said. “The only difference is that they probably have a different essay prompt. So it really just depends on what the student feels more comfortable with. Most students are going to pick the one that better aligns with what they want to get across, or what makes them look better.”

Since there are many options to choose from when starting the application process, this will help widen the perspectives of students.

“When colleges suddenly make a new way to submit applications that’s great because students need choices,” Bentley said. “However Common Application has already been in existence for so long, any start up company is going to face some challenges. It will be interesting to see how many students apply to the new system compared to the Common Application. Overall I think this is one more way to manage college applications.”

This new joint application hopes to ease the stress students have, but the anticipation of college applications is inevitable.

“The intimidation that comes with applying to college is not the application, it is the fact that most prestigious schools have a really low acceptance rate,” Ramesh said. “I think its good they are trying to help those who feel like they have no chance of getting into these prestigious schools, but overall students are more than likely going to be scared.” 

Until this new website becomes more popular, it is going to face some challenges–like any new business would.

“One problem this new application system may create is that now students are going to be confused on which one they should choose,” Bentley said. “Now that there is not a default system almost everyone uses, students are going to have to make a bigger decision.”

If you have any questions about the new site, check out this article.