Dr. Steitz leaves CHS


Marianna Marsden

Oct. 3rd is Dr.Stietz last day as principal. He will be taking a position as Director of Secondary Curriculum of Instruction in Vista.

No he is not going to Sage Creek, no he is not retiring and no he is not returning to teaching. Dr. Steitz has taken the position as Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction in Vista and will be leaving Carlsbad High on Oct. 3.

“I didn’t plan on leaving this early,” Principal Dr. Steitz said. “It’s in line with my career path, but it’s something I didn’t think I would be going to until five or eight years after being here — not after three. [It’s] earlier than I expected.”

Even though Dr. Steitz has not been at CHS for long, it is challenging for him to say goodbye so quickly.

“I’m torn because the timing is extremely poor,” Steitz said. “My departure date was negotiated by the two superintendents, Dr. Lovely and Dr. Vodicka, they came up with my last day being Oct. 3.”

A new principal has not been selected just yet, but students are anticipating the announcement.

“I don’t know who they are going to select; I know the process has started right away,” Steitz said. “It seems they are going to have to do some type of an interim principal, which would be bringing somebody who is retired, and bringing them just for a little while.”

Despite the struggle of leaving Carlsbad, Dr. Steitz is excited to move forward in his career.

“We’re at Carlsbad High School, this is one of the best high schools in the nation,” Steitz said. “I eventually want to be a superintendent, possibly do something at the state level. My ultimate goal would be to make it that far. I think somewhere along there I have to make the jump from the city level to the district office and that’s what this position really is. Again, I just never thought it would come for another three or four years.”

With Dr. Steitz’s farewell quickly approaching, students are wrapping up their goodbyes.

“I feel a little disappointed that he’s leaving because I feel like he was a respectable person,” junior Tatum Bernat said. “He was someone students could look up to and respect, and not see as a tyrant, but more as a friend.”

Dr. Steitz’s time at CHS was filled with great memories, and he is thankful for the great student body.

“Carlsbad High School has outstanding kids, our students are second to none,” Steitz said. “I’ve been treated with the utmost respect and at the same time had the most fun.”