Choice juice bar provides students with a healthy choice

Choice is located in downtown Carlsbad. They have many healthy eating  options ranging from smoothies to sushi.

Victoria Smith

Choice is located in downtown Carlsbad. They have many healthy eating options ranging from smoothies to sushi.

About three months ago in downtown Carlsbad, Choice Superfood Bar and Juicery opened in the old location of Boxd, the handcrafted waffle cafe. Choice is an all-organic, vegan and gluten-free  juice bar with juices, bowls, salads, smoothies and muffins.

“We are 100% locally grown and make our own recipes,” employee Jasmine Singh said. “We make our own almond milk, it’s pretty unique. We use alkaline water and sweeten everything with dates, completely plant-based.”

The drive to start this business came from the absence of all-organic restaurants in Carlsbad. The ingredients are locally grown to provide a healthy snack for locals, tourists and students.

“We wanted an all organic juice bar since there wasn’t one in Carlsbad,” employee Danielle Jauregul-Teta said. “You get to be outside and the food is great, so I feel good about serving good food to people.”

The new change from Boxd to Choice in Carlsbad has attracted many customers, including students who want to eat healthy or have made the choice to live a gluten-free or vegan lifestyle.

“When you’re eating at Choice you can feel good about what you’re eating,” junior Ellie Meck said. “Whenever I go, I get their peanut butter and jelly bowl with granola and banana.”

As a result of using organic ingredients, price ranges anywhere from seven to eleven dollars for a single item.

The name Choice came from the quote, “The three C’s of life: Choice, Chance and Change. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

Students who have not been to the  juice bar are attracted by the new scene in Carlsbad.

“I drove by a couple of times, and I always wondered what it was,” junior Allan Weedman said. “It was pretty cool, so I’ll go there one day.”

Not only does this new juice bar provide customers with healthy options, but they also support being environmentally friendly.

“You can get the glasses and if you turn them back in, you get a dollar off your next purchase,” sophomore Alexis Mertz said. “From personal experience, I really enjoy Choice. When you eat it, it just makes your body feel better too.”