Community Appreciation Day finalizes the Poinsettia Fire


Nicolas Dmitriev

Residents from Carlsbad attended a local event to give thanks to the first responders. After suffering from recent wildfires, many residents wanted to show support for the firefighters.

To uphold positive community relationships and to put a conclusion to the tragic Poinsettia Fire, Carlsbad held a Community Appreciation Day. The event took place Saturday, May 31, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the newly-built Carlsbad Safety Training Center. The event gave the community a chance to thank the firefighters, fire responders and city staff, who saved thousands of lives and homes.

The annual community event was most successful this year, in the terms of attendance of the local public, and it is estimated that more than two thousand people participated. Since the Carlsbad Safety Training Center was used as the primary base of operations for the fight to contain the Poinsettia Fire, citizens were able to meet and thank first responders and other city staff who aided.

While at the event, citizens were able to see fire, police and public works vehicles and equipment used during the fire, including the newer model Chevy Caprice police patrole vehicles, the two newer model fire engines and the SWAT’s Bear Cat APC unit. The fire prevention squadron hosted an informational booth to help families prepare for the next emergency. The event also established a memorial at the safety center where citizens could bring notes, pictures and drawings to add to the memory wall. The volunteers who hosted the event included firefighters, EMT’s, the fire prevention squadron, fire explorers and the fire chef. The police department volunteered its many police officers, dispatchers and SWAT team members as well as its explorers.

“This community appreciation event is an excellent opportunity to establish and cultivate positive relationships with not only the citizens we protect but also the other fire and police services that we served alongside during the Poinsettia Fire,” the senior and acting captain of the Carlsbad Police Explorers Mary Chen said.

The police and fire explorers aided the event by providing traffic control and a cook-out that was free to the public. The explorers received thanks for their participation in the evacuation process and traffic control at the Dove Library.

“Explorers is a great program for young people interested in law enforcement,” senior and sergeant at the Carlsbad Police Explorer post Josh Johnson said. “It gives us the opportunity to do and see things that no civilian would get the chance to. It has also opened a lot of doors for my future.”

To assist fire victims, cash and supplies donations, clothes and other items may be made to the North County Salvation Army.