French 4 AP to return?


Marianna Marsden

Madame Kuehner teaches French 1,French 2 and French 3 and 3 honors. Next year there is a possibility of a new French 4AP.

In the past, there has been an absence of French 4 AP at Carlsbad High, but next year may break the mold. The option of taking the class has been introduced on the course selection sheet but is not completely definite.

The last time the class occurred was in 2008, when there were two French teachers at CHS. Now that Madame Kuehner is the sole French instructor, she does not have enough periods for the class. Considering that each teacher needs a prep period and that French 1 must be divided into multiple periods, there is no space for French 4 AP.

“It’s a give or take; if you get French 4 AP, the school will have to lose another class like French 1,” head of the language department Mr. Riccitelli said.

An average class must have a 38.5 to 1 ratio, meaning each class should have about 38 students. The lowest amount that a teacher can have is 25, but that is undesirable and would mean another class would take in more students to make up for the small class. The issue with French 4AP is that even if a spot opens up, there might not be enough students to be in it.

“There are always a lot of students in French 1; that’s why multiple class periods are needed,” Kuehner said. “Unfortunately, the students slowly start to vanish, and by the end, there are few students still in French by their junior or senior years that would want to go into 4 AP.”

There is speculation that the school is trying to find another French teacher to lighten Kuehner’s load, but for now, the possibility is up in the air.

“My advice would be to just sign up for 4 AP,” Riccitelli said. “It is a good idea to take a fourth year of French and be ahead for college. Even though the class is not for sure yet, with enough willing students, it could be possible; it just depends on the students.”

Some students are hesitant about taking French 4 AP next year due to vagueness of its existence, while others have a different point of view.

“I think anybody who is currently in the French 3 or 3H class or anyone with experience should take French 4 AP next year,” junior Cameron Juybari said. “Also, it looks good on college applications that you were involved in something all four years; plus the class is really fun and interesting.”

The choice boils down to the students. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, visit your counselor or speak to Madame Kuehner or Mr. Riccitelli.