ASB prepares for prom


The ASB prom ticket reveals a Peter Pan theme. Prom will be at The New Children’s Museum on May 17th.

With fall came football and, as tradition, the Homecoming dance. Winter brought spirited basketball games and the first-time Winter Formal, and now, we find ourselves saying “hello” to Spring and the most anticipated dance of the year: prom.

This year, prom will take place on May 17 at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego.

Although it may seem a bit premature to start talking about prom, ASB, led by Prom Chair Ashlynn Sprinkle and Assistant Prom Chair Maddy Oas, have in fact been in the process of planning since April 2013.  With the date quickly approaching, ASB is finalizing the last few details that will surely make prom a night to remember.

Prom is a primarily student-produced dance, with most of the responsibilities lying in the hands of the Prom Chair.

“We come up with the ideas, then run them through Mrs. Nasser and then, lastly, everything must be approved by administration,” senior Sprinkle said.

Recently, a few members of ASB took a trip down to the New Children’s Museum to finalize details and envision the set-up of decorations, activities and other finishing touches.

“We got to go check out the site, and it was really cool to be able to visualize where everything was going to be set-up. It’s all coming together really well,” junior Julia Borla says. “I’m really excited to see the finished product.”

The only downside to this new location is the lack of adequate parking.

“Plan on taking limos because parking is a little challenging at the Children’s Museum,” Sprinkle said.

Another small detail to the dance is the addition of desserts.

“We know a lot of people usually go to dinner beforehand, so we thought it’d be nice to provide some really good desserts at the dance this year,” senior Sprinkle said. “Last year, we only had appetizers, and not a lot of people were even aware of them. I think this year’s addition will be an fun little improvement.”

No matter what your interests may be, there will be something for everyone to do at this year’s prom.

“If you like dancing, we are going to have an awesome dance floor; if you want to hang out with your friends, there is going to be a lounge area; if you want to get involved in some activities, we’ll have those as well,” senior Oas said. “There’s going to be something for everyone, and we hope to see everyone there.”