CSF rewards the academically motivated

For those of you who believe that you can’t win money out of school work, think again. The California Scholarship Federation (CSF), started in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, seeks to recognize students living in the state of California who possess high standards in academic scholarship, community service and citizenship.

Since the organization’s inception, CSF and CJSF (California Junior Scholarship Federation) have gained approximately 1400 CSF school members, called chapters, and 1200 CJSF chapters. Today’s chapters continue to foster the recognition, motivation and education of academically talented students. The financial benefits of CSF membership are small scholarships from the Massachusetts PTA and the CSF organization.

Teacher Mrs. Curtis, head of the CSF program at Carlsbad High, gives a simplistic insight to the registration process.

“You have three different categories of points,” Curtis said. “First, you need to have your academic points, and then, you can fill them in with your elective points based on your good grades. As long as you qualify, you’re in.”

Students who thrive in academics or participate in a number of activities like sports, choir, and orchestra are most likely to attain a CSF membership. There is no competition between schools or students in the CSF. But, of course, the most-qualified students are more likely to be accepted and be entitled with the privileges of the CSF membership.

“Students are being honored for having several activities and managing to balance them with their academics,” Curtis said. “CSF is a group meant to give academic students a way to be rewarded and honored for their academic achievements.”

Beyond the financial benefits, there are also other privileges, like earning different graduation attire and gaining membership to a low-level obligation club. Fifty of these students receive $1500 each, and five of these (one from each region of California) are awarded an additional $1000 toward their college tuition.

CSF not only assists academically successful students in their college applications and tuition, but also is an impressive achievement to showcase on a resume. So if you believe that you can be entitled for a CSF membership, don’t miss the chance to register. You can become an honored member of a high standards club, and–not to mention–spare some of your parents’ money.